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About ComixTalk

ComixTalk is a news and community site for webcomics that was founded in 2003.  It has evolved over the years (five years must be like 35 years in Internet time...) but it's mission has remained pretty similar: 

  1. Provide news and more in-depth feature articles on comics in the digital age:  we've played a small part in popularizing the term "webcomic" but comics in the digital age has always been infinitely broader than that and includes the use of all new technologies to create, produce, distribute and display comics.  It also includes the many changes to all of comics that the digital age has brought, from the search for new business models for creators to support themselves through their work; to the growth of independent creators and creator-owned comics.  We provide perspective on what webcomics encompass year after year and we try to make sense of the collision, integration and chaos emerging from the many players in comics colliding today: comic book publishers to comic strip syndicates to major book publishers; book stores and libraries; collectives and corporations; creators and readers.
  2. Community:  provide a place for creators and readers to discuss comics in the digital age.  This is a place for interesting discussion - to talk about what you're working on, what you're reading, what's new and what's working (and what's just a bunch of hype).  We have a "civility" policy at the site which serves everyone to promote useful and more valuable conversation.  All we ask is that you try to treat everyone with at least a minimal level of respect.  That doesn't mean folks can't disagree, or speak strongly in defense of or opposition to ideas and thoughts on the site.  We just got tired of cleaning up the mess left by the few truly psychotic (or pretending-to-be-psychotic) people posting.   

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Does ComixTALK review print comics? Yes sometimes we do. If you're interested in having your book or other webcomic-related object reviewed -- email us for information on where to send it.

We no longer use the old P.O. Box - do not send anything there!