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Archive - Jul 12, 2005

Warren Ellis Makes Another Call For Webcomics

Warren Ellis has made another call on his Bad Signal email list for webcomics to read.

I need new webcomics to read. If you are a webcomics maker on the list, send me your URL. The ones I like will get linked up on warrenelliscom at some point, in the hope that I'll point some of my absurd traffic your way. 29000 unique visitors went to the site yesterday, so we might as well put it to some use

His post goes on to list a number of webcomics he reads regularly and to talk about the need for more sites aimed to curate webcomics.

Ellis is a comic book writer, his work includes Transmetropolitan which is published by DC and Desolation Jones which is published by Wildstorm.

New Version of Infinite Canvas Released

A new version of the Infinite Canvas application by Markus Müller has been released. Version 1.3 adds a viewer based on Macromedia Flash.

The editor requires Mac OS 10.2.8 (Linux or Windows versions are not available) and the viewer Macromedia Flash Player 7. Both are released under the GPL and the source code is available as a separate download.

Xerexes Tuesday Morning Updates

Gossamer Commons needs your guest strips (and maybe resend them if you already did one because Eric had a slight hard drive problem).

So you might have noticed we're having a webcomic jam/comic book giveaway this month. The writer of Dead Eyes Open, Matt "Sinbad!" Shepherd, has wrangled most (all?) of the webcomic events sponsored by Comixpedia and we know that he's a heck of a witty guy. The artist, Roy "Orbinson" Boney, Jr. did a cover for Comixpedia. Be sure to send in those zombie comics for the jam because besides the chance to win something, we'll be showing a random selection from the jam entries on the front page here, starting later in the week.

I have not dived into the widely praised Sam and Fuzzy webcomic yet but this insightful post on it by Occultatio is pushing me to do so. Plus the post has "Moonlighting" in the title. That'll always be my favorite tv show (it's like Star Wars to me and the group of friends I had in highschool if that makes any sense).

Last but not least, the Comics Reporter catches newspaper comics taking a page out of the webcomics playbook as Blondie starts a three-month crossover with other dinosaur comics on the newspaper pages like Beetle Bailey, Garfield, Dick Tracy and the Wizard of Id.

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Going Home (Book 2)

The webcomic The Gods of Arr-Kelaan will be printing their second volume of their "Going Home" series in August 2005.