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Archive - Jul 13, 2005

Tycho Part of New Gamer Mag: The Escapist

The Escapist magazine features a lineup of cool writers including Penny Arcade's Tycho Brahe who has an article in the first issue called The Mainstream is Coming! The Mainstream is Coming!. The Escapist looks like it's positioning itself to be Wired for gamers.

Currently Available Tarquin-Created Webcomics

The webcomics crafted from Daniel Goodbrey's Tarquin Engine are still mostly in what you might call the "gee whiz this is a cool tool" stage of artistic development as the numbers of creators experimenting with Tarquin grows. Still there are great examples of what one can do with it and Goodbrey has a list of several Tarquin-created webcomics here.

Wednesday Morning Around the Internets With Xerexes

Sluggy Freelance not only does pop culture parody well, but it often isn't afraid to let the consequences of the parody storyline seep into the core of the strip (e.g. Alyee from the aliens storyline). I have some high hopes for the "28 Geeks Later" storyline just beginning.

Everyone is off to Comicon. Any enterprising Comixpedia readers who are attending Comicon and might be interested in writing down some of their impressions of this years 'con (and have some sort of photo-capturing mechanical apparatus) should shoot me an email pronto (xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com) so I can deputize you as an official Comixpedia cub reporter.

Tom Spurgeon points me to The Quill Awards which are "a consumer-driven celebration of the written word created to inspire reading while promoting literacy." The nominees are picked by a panel but the public votes for the winners from August 15 - September 15. The Flight 2 Anthology, Megatokyo Volume 3 by Fred Gallagher and Hutch Owen: Unmarketable! by Tom Hart are among the books eligible to be nominated in the Graphic Novel category.

Last, although I haven't listened to it yet, Photoshop Radio from Photoshop World sounds like it might be a decent podcast to check out.

Oh wait one more thing. BRAAAAINNNNNSSSSSS!!!!!

Comic Journalism: Fresno Bee Conversation With Scott McCloud

Fresno Bee Online published a comic capturing reporter Matt Thompson's interview with Scott McCloud.

McCloud, on his website noted that "[Thompson's] comics-style, photomontage online version of the interview, captures me in creepy mad professor mode, including my soon-to-be infamous 'four tribes' theory." McCloud looks more pixelated then "creepy mad" to me, but in any event there's not a ton of meat to his four tribes theory in the interview. Not enough yet for infamy anyway. Still it's a good read and the reporter does a decent job of coming to the interview prepared with intelligent questions.