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Archive - Jul 14, 2005

Dark Horse To Publish Penny Arcade Collection

Comicbook publisher Dark Horse has announced a number of new titles, including the first Penny Arcade collection. Dark Horse is also the publisher of the very succesfull MegaTokyo collections.

Crumb Comic on Philip K. Dick

The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb was originally published in Weirdo but has been posted to a Philip K. Dick website. This is a wonderful example of Crumb's work where he is not in "shock and disgust" mode. The comic version here also really adds context through its visuals (to the extent it's possible) to Dick's tale of his "anamnesis" experience.

A companion link of sorts is Dick's essay on "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later" which is about his ideas on the nature of the world and how his writing was part and parcel of his exploration of what is real. (both links from Link Machine Go!)

Thursday Website Spottin'

A couple of websites I wanted to mention: first, Vera Brosgol has a new "home" website called!. If you like webcomics, Brosgol is someone you ought to be reading.

Second I've been skimming the new WebcomicNation RSS feed and I just had to point out the two with the most outlandish premises - both fun to read so far. One, Antique White House posits that there was no renaissance or industrial age and imagines a pagan and polygamous president John Kennedy in an alternate modern-middle ages world and the other, World War II Wild West Zombie Tales, well I think the title says it all!

Congratulations to Maritza Campos

Maritza Campos, creator of CRFH!!! is the proud momma of a baby girl. Congratulations!