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Archive - Jul 17, 2005

Welcome to Week Two of Our July 2005 Issue!

Welcome to week two of our July 2005 issue of Comixpedia.

Our feature this month is Phil Kahn's record of the Keenspace Meetup.

Our reviewer, Andrew Bonia checked out Demian5's When I am King.

Al Schroeder interviewed Ghastly of Ghastly's Ghastly Comics.

And Welton Colbert took on Whispered Apologies.

[Note that Eric Burns' column, Feeding Snarky, will be delayed one week.]

The Keenspace Meetup in Washington D.C. July 2005

Phil Kahn's narration of his experience at the Keenspace Meetup (shindig, gathering, what-have-you) in Washington D.C., starting at Union Station. The original proposal to meet came way back in September 2004. Our story begins on Saturday, July 9th, 2005, sometime in the morning…

In the Tentacles of Ghastly: An Interview

Ghastly of Ghastly's Ghastly Comic (link NSFW) is one of the most popular strips on Keenspace, lampooning the more adult themes in Japanese anime and hentai, and now he is moving into Web Comics Nation/Adult Webcomics, flexing his creative muscles in new ways. In a chat, he gave us more information about his current comic and his future projects. (NOTE: most of these links are Not Safe For Work.)

When I am King by Demian5, reviewed by Andrew Bonia

When you talk about infinite canvas, you’re walking a fine line between cliché and getting publicly attacked as an artsy-fartsy idealist. Still, while the majority of webcomic artists stick to tried and true printed page formats, a few have emerged to really try to grasp the narrative possibility of digital space without descending into pretension or inaccessibility. In the case of Demian5’s When I am King, the creator manages this in addition to plenty of dick jokes.

Welton Colbert vs Whispered Apologies

This month's summer-themed extravaganza, Welton Colbert reviews Whispered Apologies in an all-Ryan webcomic collaboration!