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Archive - Jul 18, 2005

Greenlee, Howe and Lien-Cooper Joins Forces

Some time ago, Amber "Glych" Greenlee announced that she was consolidating her comics on a site of her own, Now comes word that she will be joined there by Barb Lien-Cooper and Ryan Howe. Lien-Cooper and Howe brings their comic Gun Street Girl, which was previously part of subscription site Graphic Smash.

"Basically, our goal in making Gun Street Girl a web comic was to reach as wide an audience as possible," said writer Barb Lien-Cooper. "However, we've learned that being on a site with a pay subscription wall was counterproductive to our purposes. Since there's no real corollary between the degree of professionalism of a web comic and whether it's free or pay, and since some of the web audience finds pay sites to be a turn-off and a distraction, we feel this move is the best thing for us to do."

Things of Interest - Monday Morning Post Nerd Vegas Version

Newsarama has an interview with the creative team behind Viper comics' upcoming mini-series The Middle man. Artist on the series is Les McClain, creator of the Eisner Award nominated webcomic Jonny Crossbones.

Sequential Tart also has an interview with a creator published by Viper comics, Otis Frampton. Oddly Normal started its life as a webcomic before being picked up by Viper.

Update from Xerexes: I was working on a post when I saw Erik's so let me just add that The Comics Reporter has some thoughts on Comicon this morning (as well as an entertaining interview with James Kochalka) and as Erik mentioned Dale Ingram has some comments on the plethora of webcomics panels this year (Ingram also has a promising webcomic Hold My Life).