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Archive - Jul 25, 2005

Additional Dumbrella Style News

Sam Brown has an art show at the Wax Poetic Gallery in Burbank California called "My Life As A Cloud." The Wax Poetic Gallery is also a Spa & Salon so be sure to get the Poetic Massage while you're there. (Onomatopoeia costs $50 extra though).

Next someone has provided instructions on how to create your very own "Truck-Ra" model. Truck-Ra being the fierce eater of vans and railroad tracks roaming the Scottish highlands (appearance in SGR here).

(Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Mondays.

Eh, just kidding. (I have nostalgicly good memories of the Boomtown Rats song though)

First up in today's news round-up - cat garza's Cuentos de la Frontera is back on ModernTales, updating on Mondays and Wednesdays. It will rerun the original series until sometime in mid-October (just in time for Dia de los Muertos) when new episodes will begin.

Bob Stevenson shares some moments from his Comicon experience this year. Scott McCloud also notes that he hung out with Tycho and the Dumbrella crew without bloodshed. Also Tom Spurgeon has a post with a bunch of drawings from this year's con.

John A gives us his 100 top singles of alltime musicdom.

I didn't realize that Girl Genius has a LiveJournal.

Last but not least your moment of zen - Irregular Webcomic on webcomics.

Konfabulator, Yahoo! and Webcomics

Yahoo! has recently announced that they have acquired Konfabulator and plan to make it available to the public as a free download in the near future. For those unfamiliar with this application, there is a very lovely webcomic at the Konfabulator website (with art by none other than Vera Brosgol) that will bring you up to speed; in short, it enables users to place small but useful programs called "widgets" on their desktops.

One such program is a webcomic-ripping widget.

Xerexes: Just a note that Brosgol's webcomic is very well done. After reading it and enjoying it try to imagine how boring that history of Konfabulator could be if it was just typed out.