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Archive - Jul 27, 2005

Interesting Thoughts About 4th Generation Business Strategy

An interesting riff on the concept of 4th generation warfare as applied to the evolving media landscape and accompanying earthshattering changes to the existing corporate media business model comes from the uber/hep/geek blog of screenwriter John Rogers. What's it all mean? There's a lot to the post but here's one except:

Personal brands are now more important than corporate brands -- or at the very least, more efficient. Nobody -- and I say this full-knowing the outcry from some suited friends -- goes to see a movie because it's from Paramount. Or Fox. Or Warner Brothers. Or Sony. Not a human on this planet says "Well, I wasn't going to go, but it's a Paramount flick." People go to movies because the media campaign -- usually integrating strong personal brands, hey, look at that -- has convinced them this particular project from the studio is worth their time.

And Rogers name checks Penny Arcade in the post so it's clear he thinks this applies to webcomics.

Joe and Monkey Begins Year Two

Today is the one year anniversary of Joe and Monkey by Zach Miller. And, starting August 5th at Wizard World Chicago, a book collecting the first year of Joe and Monkey will be available.

The comic, best known for ushering in a long-lasting peace between France and Greenland, continues its Monday through Friday schedule into Year Two.

Sheffield Wednesday In The House!

This week's series of news updates brought to you by Increasingly Odd References. Increasingly Odd References - we make the things that make you go, eh.

In blogland, there's a great post here with two interviews: one with John Allison of Scary Go Round and the other with Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content. Elsewhere, Srdjan has a lengthy review of Darken. Finally, check out the recent post from Occultatio where he checks in on Loserz, Schlock Mercenary and Bob The Angry Flower. (Speaking of BTAF, fans should check out Notley's annotated archives and examples of his other webcomic PopStrip at his site.)

Also, this is a bit odd - Drawn! blog points us to a scan of a strip where Charlie Brown and Lucy from Peanuts take a tour of a newspaper plant.

Whoa - Scott Kurtz getting spat on at Comicon? It was those dastardly Warp 9 To Hell guys! (W9TH also has a funny couple of strips on a webcomic Family Feud)

Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Digital Strips noted some days ago that Zoinks!, the webcomic magazine helmed by Bill Charbonneau, is returning to print (yes, it's a print magazine) in October and is accepting submissions.

Joey Manley has updated the Webcomics Nation website with descriptions of its features. For those of us that has been keeping an eye on the forums there seems to be no completely new features announced. But does anyone know if WCN's business strategy is completely reliant on advertising now or are there some kind of premium accounts?

UPDATE:Joey Manley has commented in this post clarifying the business strategy of WCN.

A blog by the name of Ponderance has interviewed both John Allison and Jeph Jacques. The questions cover both their webcomic businesses and interaction with their readership. Interesting stuff.

Penny Arcade has made another line of limited edition prints. 250 were sold at Comicon and 500 were available through their ThinkGeek store. The previous set of prints sold out in under eight hours and some later appeared on eBay. The second set became available through the store yesterday and sold out in under two hours. Each print was priced at 80 USD.

Melonpool Books on Sale!

For a limited time only, all remaining stock on The Ultimate Melonpool, Melonpool II: The Voyage Home, Melonpool III: A New Hope and Melonpool V: This Island Earth have been dramatically reduced in price (regularly $19.95, now only $7 plus shipping)!

This is an effort for Steve Troop to regain control of his linen closet as well as get these hi-quality collections into the hands of fans that might otherwise not be able to afford them. All books come signed by the author and can be bought through the Melonpool website.