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Archive - Jul 6, 2005

PvP/Liberty Meadows Crossover?

Today's PvP ends with a shot of Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows alright. Let's see what happens tomorrow... afternoon? (Ok, picking on PvP's update time is Eric's department, but what a cool cliffhanger.)

Radioactive Panda Vol 1 Available

Radioactive Panda is a twisted (and sometimes confusing) tale of mad scientists, zombies, werewolves, spy kids and almost any other sci-fi/fantasy/geek meme you can think of - all blended into a fast-paced, funny webcomic. The first print version of the webcomic (collecting the first two years) is now available.

RP's creator, Eric Johnson, along with Les McClane and Kyle Thiessen will be sharing a table at the San Diego Comicon next to the Dayfree Press booth. McClane is the creator of the Eisner-nominated Jonny Crossbones.

WordPress Security Issue

If you are using wordpress for your blog or webcomic be sure to upgrade to the latest version or follow the steps in this post to protect yourself from an as yet undisclosed security issue with the earlier verion of WP.

Successful Washington Webcomics Gathering

I finally made it to a Washington Webcomics Meetup this year. Lots of fun with several highly-caffeinated (some even without the aid of any coffee!) cartoonists. I saw Rob Balder, Chris Impink and Barb Fischer for the first time since last year's SPXPo (which we're all going to be at again).

Also saw T Campbell and met Jamie Noguchi, one of the artists for his new webcomic Search Engine Funnies. SEF is certainly a unique new idea for a comic and "search" is big business these days so T and his comrades may be on to something big there.

I also met Phil (KHAAAAANNNN!!!!) Kahn (sorry Phil, couldn't resist!) - cartoonist, blogger and part of the relatively new Biscuit Press collective. Rounding out our party was Rachael Richardson and Michael Moore who work on the webcomic Comrade Geek who told me their comics, but I promptly forgot while watching the Daily Show and an old Mr Show last night.

Updating the History of Webcomics Series for T Campbell's Book

T Campbell is updating and reworking the online installments of the History of Webcomics series as he gets it into shape for the book version planned for later this year. Over at his blog, Campbell has been asking for specific feedback on certain chapter - now's your chance to tell T what's what about what was.