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Archive - Jul 2005

July 22nd

Comic Genesis Site Now Live

Keenspace is dead. Long live Comic Genesis. The long awaited branding change to Keenspot's free hosting and automation service appears to be complete as now forwards to the new website design for Comic Genesis. The new CG logo is by Joel Fagin.

Zombies Versus Pirates and Ninjas?!?!

There's still some time to play in our ZOMBIE WEBCOMIC JAM and get your name entered in a drawing for a signed edition of DEAD EYES OPEN #1 by Matt "Smooth Operator" Shepherd and Roy "Big Daddy" Boney Jr.

Our latest entry is from John Hilliard who does the webcomic Amazing New Worlds. All entries are due by midnight, July 31st. More details over here.

July 21st

Friends, Fundraising and Cat Garza

I took the day off and hung out with Bup and his family today. Other than repeated spottings of the nefarious Case Yorke, the day went well.

If you're interested in the Save ConnectiCon effort check out Websnark today - Eric's all over that story. In a related vein, I saw that Jamie Robertson is having a fundraiser for his webcomic Clan of the Cats so that he can keep up working on it. Clan of the Cats is a veteran webcomic but also one with great story and great art. It's a bit of a mystery to me why it isn't more widely read.

Thursday Links of Interest

The Lazy Grind Challenge is a comic ironman challenge modeled after The Daily Grind Ironman Challenge, but with three updates a week as its goal instead of weekdays. The stakes are much lower though, with only glory and the right to demand drawings for the winner.

There is an interesting discussion in the Kilroy and Tina forum about the pros and cons of being a part of a subscription site. Several Graphic Smash creators have joined in the discussion.

City Newspaper, a Rochester alternative paper, has an interview with Perry Bible Fellowship creator Nicholas Gurewitch.

July 20th

Unshelved Creators MastermindedSDCC Webcomics Panels

Bill Barnes of the webcomic Unshelved moderated the Webcomics 101 series of panels at San Diego ComiCon and has a series of interesting posts about his experience at his website, Overdue Media.

Barnes along with Gene Ambaum, are the creators of Unshelved which has a library as its setting. It's a great example of a comic (or any entertainment medium) mining an area of life for material that is not a staple of contemporary storytelling (which usually seems to revolve around cops, lawyers, interstellar freighter pilots, etc).

Language Is A Virus

Language Is A Virus is a great resource site for writers including forums, exercises and other information.

Tell Tale Road Signs

This is a cool adaptation of a portion of Edgar Allen Poe's the Tell-Tale Heart. (link from MeFi)

Enter the Zombie Webcomic Jam Dead Eyes Open Comic Book Grand Prize Giveaway!

With less then two weeks to go you still have a little time to put togther something for the ZOMBIE WEBCOMIC JAM! and get your name entered for an end of the month drawing for signed first editions of the new DEAD EYES OPEN comic book from Shepherd and Boney, Jr. Your ZOMBIE WEBCOMIC JAM can be a comic or just a drawing - anything zombified will work.

Our two entries to date are from Nathan Spargo and P. Gibson. Check 'em out and then submit your own!

Around the Webcomic World in 80 Seconds

Save Ferris!ConnectiCon! Rob Balder tipped us off yesterday to the financial woes resulting from this year's installment of the convention and the efforts to raise funds to pay off the organizer's debts. Now Phil Kahn, who writes at the blog I'm Just Saying (which is a damn good Pepsi next to Eric Burns' Coke) is auctioning off a commissioned essay on any topic or form to raise some money for this effort. If you want to bid on Kahn check out the details here.

Robert Howard also has a post on saving ConnectiCon this morning. And if you're interested in donating money directly to ConnectiCon's organizers, go here to do so.

In other necks of the webcomics woods, Sam Logan has lured infamous alternative cartoonist Rikk Estoban into doing a week of guest webcomics for Logan's webcomic Sam and Fuzzy. Just checking out the wide range of this series of stylistically diverse comics you can see how the notorious and perpetually misunderstood creator of Skull Panda has really influenced today's webcomics scene.

It's clear people are still recovering from SDCC (I'm in WIGU-withdrawal!) - however, Scott McCloud points out a Flickr photo stream with lots of webcomic-familiar faces.

In Clickwheel news, William Simons has a blog where he's writing about developments with Clickwheel. Clickwheel seems to be doing well - it's a featured download at the Apple site, and is #2 on the Top Downloads list.

And Chris Crosby late yesterday posted at Keenspot (and sent to us - thanks!) a lengthy list of exciting new developments at Keenspot. The full list is after the read more jump, but beyond previously reported news of Two Lumps joing Keenspot and the namechange of Keenspace to COmic Genesis, webcomic creators will probably be interested in the further reduced price for advertising by webcomics on the Keenspot network.

Clickwheel to trial premium service

Clickwheel is looking for authors to help trial a new service. We're developing a premium service and would like to hear from authors with an interest in selling their work through our unique and innovative software application, which uses RSS for easy delivery of new content. If you'd like to learn more, contact: