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Archive - Aug 1, 2005

Online Gaming: Zombies, Vampires and Knights!

All of this has been mefi'd in the past, but if you're looking for some silly to simple RPG online fun check out any of the following lo-fi online games (you only need your browser to sign up and play): Vampires, Urban Dead and Kingdom of Loathing.

My New News-Fu Is Unstoppable

Lots of interesting flotsam this morning in the webcomics world. Ninth Art has an essay on the recent flap over Wizard World's Walmart-like tactics against Heroes Con.

I'm not entirely sure of the mechanics of this but Gobstopped appears to be a way to get webcomics on your mobile phone in the UK.

I spotted a new webcomics-focused blog today, The Webcomicker, written by Gilead Pellaeon. The most recent entry recommends Starshift Crisis by Kris Straub as a means to fill the hole in the hearts of Star Trek fans. Another interesting blog is by Shawn Hoke, who is reviewing mini-comics on his blog, Size Matters.

T Campbell continues to work on revising his History of Webcomics series for publication in book form. Right now he's working on "the money chapter" and asks some questions on his blog you might be able to give him some comments/corrections on.

The NY Times has an interesting article on architecture in comics.

And in not-webcomic news, the Pulse has an interesting interview with the executive producer of the Batman movie series, including the most recent Batman Begins. It looks like this producer is involved with the efforts to bring The Spirit and Shazam! to the screen as well.

Status of the Webcomic Hosting Market

I know "hosting" isn't really the right word for Comic Genesis or WebcomicsNation because they do a heck of a lot more than give you space on a server and bandwidth to the Internet. No really we're talking about "webcomic services" that turn self-publishing a regular (or multiple) webcomic with all of the bells and whistles you can dream up into a relatively simple task.

Lately folks have been writing about their WCN experiences: Bob Stevenson, Ping Teo, Phil Kahn and Brian Hogg just to list a few.

Having looked at a lot of options over the years you essentially have 3 types of approaches: (1) pay services; (2) free services; (3) do-it-yourself scripts. WCN falls into (1) obviously and while there have been many comparisons to Keenspot's Comic Genesis, CG falls into (2). Keenspot's (1) offering is KeenPrime does not have a pay service because despite the existing website for KeenPrime, Chris Crosby confirmed for me that they are no longer offering that service.

Iron Man Comic Making

Reva caught this (you can reply to her forum thread here) - Ryan Estrada is preparing to do a 168 Hour Comic in order to reclaim the record for longest "continuous comic making" (or something like that should be in the Guiness Book).

On August 8th, to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of this site, I will be earning back my world record by drawing a 168 page graphic novel in one week, and posting updates right here. I need titles. I've set up a secret time-capsule e-mail address, for the occasion. Send titles to and on the 8th I'll open the inbox, choose a title, and spend the next week turning it into a comic.

Boxcar Comics Launches

Boxcar Comics, a new webcomic group featuring some of the most talented artists and writers on the Internet, launches today.

Xerexes: This looks promising - a great website plus an interesting mix of established vets like D.J. Coffman and newcomers like Jason Sigala and Clay and Hampton Yount.