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Archive - Aug 20, 2005

That's the News And I Am Out Of Here (for a week)!

Hey all I'll be vacationing on an undisclosed spot of beach this week so the news will be in the trusty hands of Erik (aka Giant Panda). Be sure to submit some good stories for Erik to post. (Which reminds me - I had meant to, but forgot to post a link to Bob Stevenson's review of Erik's webcomic Vir Bonus.)

But before I'm gone here's a "Just About Out the Door" update:

John Allison hints at giving a tutorial on how he crafts the art for Scary Go Round. If I get a vote John - that would be so the opposite of boring, please go for it.

In "it came from blogland" Jason Kottke has a post about's failings from his perspective. Despite Kottke's post, Technorati is a great tool to use to find posts and other blog-like things. With the increase in rss and trackback in webcomics software it's also becoming a great tool to find webcomic-like things.

That's it for me for now. Have a great weekend!