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Archive - Feb 2007

February 28th

Last Day To Nominate Comics For The Eagle Awards

Go vote in the Eagle Awards!

Over at, DAJB writes that today is the last day to nominate comics for this year’s Eagle Awards. Only the five comics with the most nominations will get to be seen by the panel.

The Eagles have a category specifically for webcomics: the Favourite Web-Based Comics category.

February 27th

Harvey Awards Nominating Ballots Available

* The last batch of Blind Date II updates will go up tonight.

The official Nomination Ballot for this year's Harvey Awards are available here. I've copied in the official press release below (click read more) but first a comment - the Harveys seem to be nominated and final awards granted in the same way as the WCCAs - through a vote of creators in the comics field (webcomics field for the WCCAs). Might there be something the WCCA could learn from the Harveys? Conversations between the respective Executive committees might be productive.

February 26th

Two Comic Book Companies Float Plans to Begin Digital Distribution of Their Comics

Newsarama has good coverage of the two digital comics stories that broke at the New York Comicon.

Graphic Novel Sales Blow By "Pamphlet" Sales? ICv2 Panel Provides the Data

I'll try to have a round-up of news later today but I wanted to post separately on some news coming out of the NY Comicon from a presentation by ICv2. Let's pull some quotes from Dirk Deppey's Journalista! story on the panel:

February 23rd

Create Micro Hysteria

Seth Godin is a marketer and his insights range from the startlingly good to the blindingly obvious. This post though seemed to capture an idea that's rattled around my brain for a couple years. There's at least some portion of active webcomics creators that want to "succeed" and define that as some combination of readers, income, and attention. In a niche medium like webcomics by definition, successfully creating that perfect storm of success is something like what Godin calls "micro hysteria". It doesn't last forever, but achieving it at all tends to vault its creators into greater awareness (at least amongst the webcomics community).

In webcomics I can think of some things that seem like examples - the emergence of Eric Burn's blog Websnark in late 20052004; Adrian Ramos' then new webcomic Count Your Sheep; Dead Mouse's Ballad; - all things that seemed to suddenly be what everyone (okay - not everyone, but a significant number) was talking about for at least awhile.

News and Whatnot for Friday, February 23, 2007






February 22nd

Thank God It's Blind Date II

We've got two more excellent Blind Date II comics for Friday!

We're heading into the home stretch Blind Date II participants! Email me those finished comics by the end of this Sunday, February 25th! The list of creators still yet to report on their "blind date" after the jump (nudge nudge, know what I mean?):

Rolling Thursday Webcomic Thunder (UPDATED)




  • Comics Worth Reading reports on the fate of the Friends of Lulu Empowerment Fund. Short answer: no more fund. Here's an excerpt from information provided by FOL President Shannon Crane concerning the problems surrounding the creation of the fund last year:
    Ronee Bourgeois suggested to our entire board that we start an empowerment fund. We agreed that yes, it would be a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, instead of being patient to let the ENTIRE board come up with guidelines, rules, etc, she announced the new fund to the comics community without the board’s consent. We found ourselves between a rock and a hard place. We did what we could to make it work, and now we find that this is not something that we will pursue any longer.




February 20th

Wikipedia To Redelete WCCAs?

Wiki WatchI had a notion to work on the WCCA entries at and checked in on whether or not there was still an entry at Wikipedia. There is, but it's up for deletion again (history-to-date: in, out, in, ?... call it the usual Wikipedia-webcomic hokey-pokey) and leading the charge is our old pal Dragonfiend:

Delete, has not garnered the type of verifiable coverage in reputable independent sources one would expect of a seven-year-old supposedly "notable" award, let alone enough to write from a neutral point of view. What, if we really stretch our standards, we might possibly almost have two reputable sources? We have better sources for last year's revisions to the Chelsea High School Perfect attendance award. [1] [2] [3] [4]. Also, the point of view that this is "the singularly most prominent and admired awards within an entire genre of art" is ridiculous when you have the awards' committee members blogging things like "The WCCAs are horribly mismanaged, they are not well organized and they don't do what they are supposed to. I know this because I have been part of the administrative process."[5] With a dearth of reputable sources, I don't see how to write this article without giving undue weight to wikipedia editor's personal points of view and original research about this topic. -- Dragonfiend 04:07, 16 February 2007 (UTC)

How much coverage do the annual pr0n awards get in the NY Times btw? Putting snark aside, if you're at all inclined to improve articles on the WCCAs please do it at - Wikipedia can always import our articles later if they come to their senses.

February 19th

Blind Date 2 Returns to Boogalooin'

After a Presidential Day Weekend Lull time for more Blind Date II webcomics:

  • Our second comic for Tuesday is from Petie Shumate (Girl/Robot) and John Troutman (Flint Again). It's probably happened to you - a long night of carousing leads to waking up with someone surprising. Not this surprising though...

And to the rest of our Blind Date II participants keep sending in the finished comics to me - I'm posting them in the order I receive them.