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Archive - 2008

Bon Voyage 2008! Don't Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out

What a year!  Well while I'm shivering through the flu this New Year's Eve I hope some of you out there will celebrate the ringing in of 2009 right.  If it's not obvious already I decided to skip any big year-end lists or articles in 2008; I just didn't think I could do them justice this year.

December 30th

Moving Day: Trying Out Media Temple's GridServer

If you see this post you're at the new server...

December 29th

Year End Close Out: Wikipedia, Webcomics and You

Actually I have nothing much to add to this -- Wikipedia standards for inclusion actually seem to continue to evolve, imperfectly but generally in the right direction.  Webcomics continue to get added, edited and sometimes put up for deletion.  This post seems to be a good overview of keeping an entry on Wikipedia up in the face of efforts to delete (it was inspired by this Fall's discussion to delete the entry for Something Positive).

And while officially I have nothing to do with it anymore, seems to be chugging along nicely as a place to put wiki-like entries on webcomics.  Since they don't delete anything at you can always start an entry there and then copy/paste with one at Wikipedia (they both share the GNU license so such sharing is 100% legal).

December 28th

Freaks N Squeeks Returns With All New Comics!

In a move that surprised no one and caused others to throw shoes at presidents, the Marvelous Patric is thrilled to announce that his popular and long-running comic, Freaks N Squeeks, is returning with all new comics as of December 29th, 2008.

"People still know how to read, right?" Patric was over heard to say as he slaved over his drawing board, sweating pure brilliance.  

December 23rd

Happy Holidays and New Years!

It'll be reallly sloooow posting at ComixTalk until next year.  Hope you all have a nice couple of weeks whatever holidays you may be celebrating!

CROSSOVERLORD CHRISMAS CAMEOS (The Green Avenger and Wonderella)

In the Dec. 23rd update of the CROSSOVERLORD we have not only a guest cameo from Wonderella but the return of the WCCA-award winning GREEN AVENGER with a page done by the Green Avenger's creator, Abby Lark!

This is all a special Crossoverlord Christmas present to our readers, and fans of both Wonderella and The Green Avenger! (And yes, Abby assures us that TGA will be returning ... eventually.)

December 19th

Blast From The Past: The Webcomics Reader

Still awfully relevant and interesting - the short-lived The Webcomics Reader column at ComixTalk.  Kelly Cooper wrote four articles in 2006 taking a fresh and down-to-earth look at critical analysis of comics.  Don't be put off by the word "critical" and "analysis" -- these are four lively and fun articles that anyone who enjoys comics and wants to know more about how to talk about what why they like comics should read. 

BONUS: Impress your friends at holiday parties with your new-found comics wonkery! 

Kleefeld on Fandom

Sean Kleefeld is one of the few new comics bloggers I check out regularly.  His recent piece on comics fandom is interesting - here's an excerpt:

But what Understanding Comics has showed me -- a point which I didn't realize before -- was that I had been a fan of superheroes whose exploits were frequently delivered in comic book form, and not comics themselves. It was quite a revelation for me at the time (you might say it was like I was struck by a bolt of lightning) and it marked a very clear turn for me to actively seek out good comics not just good superhero stories presented within comics.

In my research at the time, I was discovering, too, that many fans experienced similar transitions. Not necessarily from reading McCloud, but from reading some comic that suddenly opened their eyes to the possibilities beyond what they had been reading. Not everyone experiences it, naturally, and those that don't are the ones who primarily read superhero books and don't care for "art comix".

December 18th

Spike on Zuda

Great quote from Spike posted by FLEEN:

Did you know that, with a 1% cover price share and assuming the books are equal in cost, a Zuda book would have to sell 10,000 copies to make the creator what I would selling 100 copies of Templar? And that’s assuming there are no penalties in the payout for deep discount/damaged/give-away books, and the payout isn’t be split in half between a writer and an artist or something.

There's a good discussion at FLEEN in the comments.  Here's my question though -- no matter how good Spike is at DIY (and she is good) shouldn't ZUDA be able to do better?  Otherwise what the heck is ZUDA adding to the value chain?  It's just another flavor of the question I feel like I've been asking all year -- given all of the DIY tools available to a comics creator, what role is there for a publisher/agent/manager kind of entity?  I think there is one for a company built around doing really well and efficiently the kind of business and marketing things that someone should be able to do for the new breed of comics creator but I'm not sure I've seen it yet.

December 17th

Dramaticus Super Personae

Dramaticus Super Personae:

So apparently webcomics did not invent comics drama... but I'm much happier writing in a pretty drama-free zone these days.


Cool series of "interviews" with Neil Gaiman as part of the Julius Schwartz Memorial Lectures at MIT. (h/t

Another good post on writing for comics (versus novels) from Mark Waid over at Kung Fu Monkey.