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Archive - 2010

December 30th

Happy (Almost) New Years

It's been a heck of a fun 2010 at ComixTALK for me, but also exhausting.  Soloing a blog isn't easy -- it's not my job (I have a whole 'nother life as a lawyer from 9 to 6 PM, at least, and being a husband and dad (and starting and stopping every other project offline and on that caught my short attention span this year).  So I'm not sure what's in store for the site next year.  I'm brainstorming and contemplating -- if you have any bright ideas to add to the mix feel free to say hello ( or tweet xerexes).

NOT WEBCOMICS: Derik said this went well when he swapped in some CDs for stuff.  Anyone have a bad experience with iPODmeister?

INTERVIEW: Tom Spurgeon with an indepth interview with Dylan Horrocks.

CODE: I'm not sure why someone would want to run a comic off of VBulletin software but this looks like a project trying to do just that.

LOCAL: Mike Rhode links to everything he wrote about comics in DC for the Washington City Paper this year.


December 24th

Heeeeere's Santa!

A little holiday cheer from Reality Amuck (click here if you don't get the reference)

BEST OF 2010: The MTV Geek blog posts its best digital comics and webcomics of 2010.  Wired's ALT TEXT posts the Best Webcomics of 2010.

INTERVIEW: Tom Spurgeon interviews journal comicker Dustin Harbin.

MAILBAG: Joseph Hewitt of Ataraxia Theatre writes that he is crowdsourcing which storyline to focus on in 2011.  More details here -- he's posted sample chapters from three different projects (the three samples are relatively short- 5 pages, 19 pages, and 9 pages). 

AROUND THE BLOGS: Sophia Wiedeman draws a webcomic for The Daily Cross Hatch. I've reviewed a couple of Sophia's mini comics -- both of which were very interesting reads.

December 22nd

Happy Holidays

Comic by Ape Lad

Happy Holidays everyone!  This comic above is by Ape Lad (for Boing Boing)

COMICS PRESS: Today's the last day of Journalista 2.0 and Dirk Deppey posted a long list of great news sources (something he also did when Journalista 1.0 ended).  No real details on why Fantagraphics/TCJ laid him off other than comments that they couldn't afford a full-time blogger.  If so that's a shame as TCJ's embrace of the web in recent years has certainly made it more accessible -- I guess the question remains if its made it more sustainable.

MERRY HOLIDAYUS!: The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas is probably the funniest new Christmas thing you'll experience this year (h/t Lauren Davis)

December 21st

Comix Talk for December 21, 2010

I will be looking for guest bloggers in January -- if blogging about comics and computers (or just comics) sounds interesting, drop me an email (xerexes AT gmail) or a tweet (xerexes).

MILESTONE: Dean Haspiel has a great tribute comic to Harvey Pekar who passed away this year. (h/t Mike Rhode).

AWARDS: MTV Splashpage posts its best of 2010 including Best Webcomic, Best New Webcomic and Best Webcomic Book.

INTERVIEW: Laura Hudson has an interview with creator Mark Waid on leaving Boom Studios and his digital-first approach to future work

COMICS PRESS:  TCJ, the cranky old hipster uncle of comics criticism announces a couple of changes: Dirk Deppey is leaving and presumably the all-encompassing comics link blog Journalista! will end tomorrow.  That is sad although Deppey's tweetstream is pretty upbeat about it all. I really appreciated Deppey's work. Journalista! in both of its incarnations was one of the first blogs from old-school comics journalism to take webcomics seriously.  And it was complete as hell - there was very little he missed.

Also I saw news that TCJ will be launching a new blog called The Panelists which will feature among others, former ComixTalk contributor Derik Badman.  I'm really excited for Derik - from almost the get-go of reading and posting his contributions here, I've thought TCJ would be lucky to have him writing for them.  Despite my little dig at TCJ above it is the place to go for rigorous, in-depth writing on comic - academic but still accessible.

December 20th

Best Webcomic Hosting Options?

ComixTalk will have a couple of quiet weeks to end the year.  Posting will be sporadic while I hibernate (and possibly plan for new things to try on this site next year).  In the meantime, read the ComixTalk 2010 Roundtable article; vote on how you read and track webcomics; and write up a post about how your decade (around 2000-2010) in webcomics and let me know so I can add it to this post.

Also it's been awhile since we've had a useful discussion on webhosting for webcomics.  I really lucked out this year finding Orange Fort -- it's been a pretty uneventful year for me hosting-wise (which is what you want!) (I don't know if OF is taking on new clients but I would highly recommend them if they are).  I also still have a Dreamhost account which actually works just fine (although I've had issues with Drupal on Dreamhost in the past) but I use it really more for backup and experimenting.  So what recommendations would you give for webhosting?  Has your host been awesome?  Awesomely bad?

December 18th

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag

A drawing from the littlest X-girl in the spirit of the holidays:

Amazing Superhero Origins in Style of Little Nemo In Slumberland

Jon "Calamity Jones" Morris blogs about  Stuart Immonen's amazing work from the nineties -- presenting superhero and villain origin stories in the style of a Little Nemo in Slumberland comic strip.  

People should turn this into a thing -- I would love to see more work in this style.

December 17th

Comix Talk for Friday, December 17, 2010

If you haven't checked out the ComixTalk End of the Year webcomic journalists of the roundtable discussion -- well go read it already!  Some webcomic folks smarter than I all weigh in with thoughts on 2010 (and heck if nothing else a lot of good webcomic suggestions to check out).

Today? Well Ryan Estrada writes about webcomics made into movies -- he counts Diary of a Wimpy Kid among them.

REVIEWS: Tangents reviews Faith Erin Hicks The Adventures of Superhero Girl and El Santo reviews Tiny Kitten Teeth.

December 15th

The ComixTalk 2010 Roundtable

For this year's roundtable we talked about favorite and new webcomics from 2010, the impact of the iPad and other digital devices, the changes in the comics industry landscape, awards for webcomics and much more about the state of digital comics in 2010.  I'm joined by Brigid Alverson, Larry Cruz, Lauren Davis, Brian Heater, Heidi MacDonald, Rick Marshall and Gary Tyrrell.  

Just a tiny bit of Comix Talk

Okay I'm this... ...close to wrapping up the ComixTalk 2010 Roundtable article which features a rollicking discussion between Gary Tyrrell, Larry Cruz, Heidi MacDonald, Rick Marshall, Brigid Alverson, Lauren Davis and Brian Heater.  This is easily my favorite article of the year for Comix Talk and I think everyone will enjoy this year's edition.

GIFTAPALOOZA:  If you're looking for some holiday gift suggestions check out this good list of great female comics creators from the Jezebel blog.

MILESTONES: Troop 142, the 2010 Ignatz Award Winner for Outstanding Online Comic, has finished serialization -- you can read the whole story online. A print edition is due Fall 2011. (h/t CWR)

NOT WEBCOMICS: The Comic Riffs blog interviews Edmund Earle the guy who made the Booboo Kills Yogi "alternate ending" for the movie -- modeled after the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. (h/t ComicsDC)