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Art: Klaws

Evening drawing time! Here’s what I did…



Sketch Saturday


I drew this a few days ago, with the intent of just jamming on various character heads.


Lucky 7?

Lucky 7?

With Windows 7 party packs being received by geeks all over the world, the question that comes up with regards to getting a party pack is now answered. The more you know!


The Server Room

The Server Room

Ahh, the beloved Footle server room.

Managing an array of servers requires controlled room temperatures, properly labeled and routed cables – and more importantly – enough floor space to get around.

Beardus Maximus


If you’ve listened to Art & Story or follow the same folks I do on Twitter, you know that a few of my friends have been bugging me to grow a beard. Why? Because I’m home alone for a few months, and, well, I guess that’s just what dudes do.

Beard’s itch like hell. I don’t want to do it.


Abstract Maya art

The renders below were created using Maya, with some experimentation with depth of field. Click on the image to see (and download) the larger version.


UNcubed teaser: “Mechanically Challenged”


New UNcubed today! Enjoy!


Meet Bob at the International Boba House this Friday 7PM!

I’ll be selling and signing copies of PC Weenies: Rebootus Maximus at the International Boba House, located at 2764 university Square Dr., Tampa, Fl, 33612.

I’ll be exhibiting along with several local Tampa artists. The show will debut on Friday, Oct 9th, from 7pm-10pm. Hope to see some of you there!


A Disasterous Start

A Disasterous Start

Thank you for reading the comic. If you’re a long time reader, who regularly visits – high five! Thank you for making The PC Weenies part of your web surfing routine.

Bob Jam Session


A few rough sketches of Bob Weiner, in a variety of poses…


Update: Inked. Went for the retro print offset approach when applying the colors.