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DOodles - Jan.04

Doodles 1/04
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Another installment of my "Babylonian Prostitutes and Superheroines series". Weird (and frustrating) thing is that I can't really draw these ladies when I'm trying, like for a proper illustration - or at least it's a lengthy, erasing-intensive process - but I can sketch them easily enough. Amateur psychologists, start your analyses of how pretty women give me anxiety.

Anyway, enjoy these, some rapid gestural sketches ...

Prickly Pear sure tastes a helluva lot like corn syrup ...

Cactus Candy

Lex Luthor will fuck your best friend.

Who Killed Arnold Stang?

Who Killed Arnold Stang?

Sad to hear last week about the death of Arnold Stang, voice of Top Cat (among others). His lifestyle of wild sex, drugs and alcohol finally took its toll at 91.

...And for the record, Josie > Archie & His Pals > Josie & The Pussycats

I've recently been reading some of the late Sixties' Archie Publications comics, specifically the early Josie series. I'm not particularly a fan of ... well, just about any teen comic, really, and the Archie family is no real exception. There's a period which begins in fits and starts around 1958, peaks around 1968, and which is gone, gone, gone by 1971 where Archie - if just for the quality of the art - was really notable, and those are what I've been lately perusing.

Dan DeCarlo (and, eventually, the trio of Dan and his twin sons) was the artistic core of these books, the elder DeCarlo specifically being known for his energetic good girl art. Josie's the best of the endless teen comedies DeCarlo and the rest of the Archie Publications crew turned out during this period (for other publishers, even), and the one which received the best flourishes from DeCarlo ...

Hey Jerks1! Still

Hey Jerks1! Still stuck at work with little or nothing to do? Here's some more time-killers from the best of the latter half of the year's worth of my Livejournal!



Best of Me, 2009 ...

Hey folks! Stuck at work for the holiday week? Me too! Want something to pass the mortal hours until the bell rings and you can get out of there? Well, you're in luck, it's time again for one of those damn summaries of the highlights of my Livejournal 2009! So, why not while away the hours with ...

What to get for the man who kills everything.

A new article by me, Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for the World's Worst Dictators. Check it out!

Doodles 12/20 ...

Doodles 12/20

Loosening up before a marathon drawing session with pencil and colored marker on colored cardstock ...