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Swine Flu Is Made Out Of Monkeys!

Swine Flu is Monkeys:

US Patent 5911998 - Method of producing a virus vaccine from an African green monkey kidney cell line

Via NaturalNews.

Here is some more reading material.

Dead Fly Cartoons

Yacht Rock

Four years late to the party, I have found Yacht Rock, and I approve. View all their videos here:

You Are Being Shagged By A Rare Parrot

Via Neatorama.

September Diamond Gems

black jack

"Black Jack: Volume 8"
Product Code: SEP091002

Tezuka continues to rock it, pick some volumes up if you haven't already.

Gathering Of The Boneless

$20 print by Derek Deal, pick it up here:

August Diamond Gems

I was denied my usual Previews catalog this month, this is the best scraping I could do on the interwebs to find some worthwhile titles. So, even though the new Previews is already out, here is what you need to order from your local comic shop (last) month:

Prison Pit

"Prison Pit"

Daniel Pelletier

He's hoping to get sponsored:

Via Neatorama.

Wrist Mounted Flame Throwers

Via Unique Daily.

Venture Brothers Season 4 Preview