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Almost September is coming along nicely. So far I've gotten a positive feed back for it, despite it being pretty new.
I've been really busy with work and home life so the other projects have kinda slid.
Nothing new to report for Forever.
The other spinoff, Something September is also coming along alright, but I'm wary of getting into certain stories to avoid spoilers in the other stories.
Business and Pleasure is there nagging at the back of my mind. I need to work on it.

Almost September Launches

A small group of guardian angels face the difficult task of protecting students of a local high school from their classmates, outsiders, and the dark seeds of their own self destructive tendencies.

Is that drawn with a sharpie and photocopied? No, It's all digital.

Designed to look like a "throwaway" manga, Almost September tells the story of Revolver and Creed before they met any othe the other characters.

Something September Launches!

Today, the Collective's newest project Something September launched on Webcomics Nation.

Check it out!


Business and Pleasure!

Business and Pleasure Sneak Peek!

Forever September updates: Lore Book!

Added a new section at the webcomicsnation site for FS.

The lore book is a book of information about the world and people in Forever September. It will be updated constantly, so there will be more content, more often. Two entries have been added so far; info about Stitches, and the Pumpkin Knight. Should be interesting to see what pops into it. I'm not even sure yet of the potential.

Forever September Updates and Lost In the Woods Spotlight!

Updates for Forever September!

Book Two: The Plunge

Progress: Scripting/Drawing

link banners!

Also viewable on DrunkDuck!

Release of Forever September Book One!


The freshman entry for Forever September by John Palmer was released today on It is 50 pages in length.

This premier book introduces the audience to the gunman, the witch, and the paladin and their plan to save the world.