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Four New 'Serenity Tales'

"Serenity Tales" returns with four new installments -- and links to a couple of additional "Firefly"/"Serenity" webcomics.

The Oregonian vs. Brandon Bolt

The Oregonian has posted a long Q&A with Portland-based cartoonist Brandon Bolt -- creator of the furious death-and-mayhem webcomic Nobody Scores!

Bolt discusses the genesis of the strip and its lethally foolish characters; his love of the early-'90s indie comics that influence his work; the dangers of precious continuity; and why he loves to kill his characters over and over and over in the service of cultural satire.

Q&A: "Nobody Scores!" cartoonist Brandon Bolt (The Oregonian, May 19, 2008)

CulturePulp visits 'Twilight' set. Vampires play baseball.

In its latest installment, non-fiction pop comic CulturePulp visits the set of the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" -- and watches vampires walk 30 miles an hour.

Portland media goes nuts promoting Stumptown

The Portland, Oregon print media kind of went insane promoting this year's Stumptown Comics Fest. To wit:

  1. THE OREGONIAN created a two-page comic and an arts-section cover devoted to Stumptown. You can read the whole feature as a three-page PDF right here.
  2. Meanwhile, THE PORTLAND MERCURY ran a full-page color comic by Dylan Meconis and Bill Mudron. Meconis posts on the matter here.  Mudron provides a bigger look at the comic here.
  3. WILLAMETTE WEEK interviews Stumptown guest Brian Michael Bendis.
  4. And THE PORTLAND TRIBUNE plugs Stumptown while discussing the 24-hour "Drawpocalypse."

More media links can be found here, at the official Stumptown site.

CulturePulp interviews 'Persepolis' creator Marjane Satrapi

Non-fiction comic CulturePulp just posted a two-part interview with "Perepolis" creator Marjane Satrapi:

Three New 'Serenity Tales' Online

After a nice long hiatus, the "Big Damn Fan Comic" website "Serenity Tales" is back -- with three new installments (and a few more not too terribly far off):

1. "Yarn"
by Mark Bourne and Neal Skorpen
In this six-pager set after the events of "Serenity," Jayne Cobb's mother proves she's as tough as her son.

2. Notes on a Fridge [on a Spaceship], Vol. 2
by Arwen Bijker; some artwork courtesy Ursula Vernon.
THE STORY: Arwen's remarkable fan-fiction experiment continues with nine (yes, nine) new notes! Serenity's crew just can't stop arguing via a series of handwritten missives stuck on the ship's fridge.

3. Serenity Park #3: Goushi
by Lux Lucre and Wydraz
Meet the "South Park"-ized Shepherd Book.

There's also a fairly massive update to the site's database of webcomics mentioning "Firefly" and "Serenity" -- which now clocks in with well over 70 references.

The Oregonian interviews Onstad, blogs 'Achewood' free-tattoo promo

The Oregonian's AENow blog just published an interview with "Achewood" artist Chris Onstad about the free "Achewood" tattoo promotion going on in Portland:

"Ximena's a fan of the strip, and she had the clever idea to drum up business with this promotion," says "Achewood" creator Chris Onstad via e-mail. "From what I understand, it's a repeat-driven business. She sends me new photos every other day or so. We haven't got a red rotary telephone or anything, but it's keeping her busy. We have a high number of readers in Portland due to the large amounts of drugs that are constantly being consumed there."

Much more at the link -- including an explanation of "Achewood" for the newbies and a drop-in (with photos) at a evening tattoo session with a fellow who wanted Roast Beef inked on his shoulder blade.

A tattoo artist obsesses about "Achewood" (The Oregonian, Sept. 24, 2007)