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Strip News 12-25-9

thundercats 200x151 Strip News 12 25 9You would think that comic folks would be taking it easy this busy week but then you’d be just as wrong as I was for thinking that. Or maybe you knew better.

Land Shark

28h32p0 322x500 Land Shark

Sketch Magazine #39

You may be wondering why I’m talking about Sketch Magazine. One thing I haven’t run across very much are discussions about certain magazines of the comic trade. Most of us have read Wizard, but there are some most of us have heard of but never had a chance to leaf through. If you don’t get this magazine, don’t you want to know what it contains? Was it worth my cash to get a subscription? (Yep. I took a risk with my own cash reserves here. That’s right, folks. No McDonald’s this week or next week.)

Star Trax

327a053a421f85897e8a0950d79d1cf7 400x422 Star Trax

Darth Toy

900150 press01 001 400x266 Darth Toy

Emitown Injury

10.12 345x500 Emitown Injury

What Did I Learn?: Blank It

2008 06 30 blankit 0007 400x177 Blank It review

Blank It Comics by Aric McKeown and Lemuel Pew defies a pat description. I don’t know if the right word is esoteric but it’s close enough for now. I suspect that only the creators really understand it and they’re not tipping all the cards. They seem to officially leave many things to Wild Mass Guessing. One of these guesses has led to one reader naming the white background as “The Canvas” which is a pretty good name for it. I’ll come back to that in a second.

Cheshire Cat

front pages2

Math Comics

brightly wound 400x155 Math Comics

Strip News 12-18-9

It’s finally gotten bitterly cold here in the northeast, which is seemingly just as good as a sunny summer afternoon for reading comics. Who knew?