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Pocket Art

milopkart01 Pocket Art

Styrofoam Goodness

3777546766 97705edbb1 b 675x450 400x266 Styrofoam Goodness

Game Destroyers review

What Did I Learn?

comic701 200x200 Game Destroyers reviewThis week’s comic under consideration is Game Destroyers by Alex Puotinen. It’s a sprite comic with the occasional photo mixed in. It’s made mostly in MS Paint with a specific color dialog on a specific color background using a specific font – for each character.

There are many characters. Some are video game sprites and some are real. The real ones, starting with Alex, hatch a plot to use a certain kind of video game sprite to destroy every other NES game so that they will be the only ones left with a working NES. It’s a nefarious plot and there is a big boss fight I will expect to see at the end.

Be a Rex

top raaaaaar 400x250 Be a Rex

Strip News 12-4-9

Bernard004 200x154 Strip News 12 4 9Let’s keep things practical this time, shall we?

X babies

xbaby004RGB 326x500 X babies

Misfit Harley and Joker

Comm Lego Misfit Harley and Joker

Bear Nuts Ninja Edition

2009 10 16 127 bear nuts 400x266 Bear Nuts Ninja Edition

Batman and Friends

Batman_and friends1_rgb2_sm

Our Last Gasp review

What Did I Learn?

Our Last Gasp, by Stephen Burks and David Hindelang, is a comic about struggling independent filmmakers who are decent folks despite being kind of incompetent and having strong quirks. Jim runs the show along with his wife Relee, Sebastion, Cecil, Tam and Rankle (who was trans-speceal and is soon to return.) Everyone’s ‘position’ in the film company is detailed here for you purists who need to know the formal details. In practice, they all seem to pitch a hand in where needed – along with some snark and good natured ribbing.

2009 03 18 OLG 400x147 Our Last Gasp review