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Five More Questions For Forty Five

forty five 195x3001 Five More Questions For Forty Five

Last time we talked to Andi Ewington, the creator of Forty Five – a graphic novel in which a fictional James Stanley’s unborn child may have the Super-S gene which grants super powers. Mr. Stanley decides to interview forty five supers to answer the question of what is in store for the child, the parents and the family.

I previously asked about some of the behind the scenes effort that went into publishing this book. In this interview, let’s talk to some of the artists involved and get their side of the story.

The artists who have answered my five questions include Boo Cook, Matt Timson and Sean O’ Conner.

What Did…

I tried to make the time this week to write a review but it just kept getting away from me. I have a review half written but the comic’s site is down and it can’t be finished with half the archive left to read. So I give you Ben Vs. Dov, which I think you’ll appreciate…

eugene dorkin 400x193 What Did...

Strip News 11-13-9

4 200x150 Strip News 11 13 9The worlds we can discover in the pages of comics…

Strip Grab Bag 11-11-9

Today’s items: pencil nubs, dieting tips from sheep, washer frogs and your own 2 meter tall Optimus Prime.

pencils 150x150 Strip Grab Bag 11 11 9So what do you do with all your leftover pencil nubs? If you throw them away, maybe you’re overlooking a potential creative outlet. Or you can at least send them to the artist behind this work. If it strikes you the right way, I can only encourage you to check out more inspiration from Design Swan.

Robot 13 Colossus! review

What Did I Learn?

R13 Cover 2 samp 200x311 Robot 13 Colossus! reviewRobot 13’s Colossus! Issue 2 had me appreciating the big picture. Specifically, the big mythological picture that Robot 13 finds himself in. As is evident from the cover image, Robot 13 is confronting the capricious Pheonix.

Strip News 11-6-9





  • And lapsing back into the theoretical, another way we might be able to distribute our free comics is through Scribd. I got the hint from here (#62) and you can already see items like Nosey Parker and Way oF The Samurai on there, plus all this comic stuff. Why not put some of our best webcomic archives (with links to your site) into a pdf and add it there?

Strip Talk with Andi Ewington of Forty-Five

Andi Ewington wrote Forty-Five, a graphic novel in which a fictional James Stanley’s unborn child may have the Super-S gene which grants super powers. Mr. Stanley decides to interview forty five supers to answer the question of what is in store for the child, the parents and the family. It appears to have been more than he first imagined.

Despite a number of other interviews he’s done, I have some unanswered questions for Andi himself. He has graciously offered to answer them.

Woods and Keys review

What Did I Learn?

Woods and Keys is a comic by Adam Corpora featuring Ms. Woods and Mr. Keys who are teachers in what I assume is a private middle school. The archives are not very long right now but I did discover what actually goes on during teacher meetings. It’s a humorous look into the teacher’s side of the school day. Fortunately, it’s not all classroom gags and teacher meetings and it nicely balances a number of elements.

wods and keys 400x130 Woods and Keys review

Strip News 10-29-9

If there wasn’t a mainstream urge to create indie comics before, there will be now

  • The Webcomic Overlook reviewed Danielle Dark while mpd57 looked at Where Evils Darent. Pigs of the Industry looked at Doc Monster and I Am Legend covered Asylum Ink. Digital Strips returned to their pile of reviewed comics to see how the new ones have done over time.
  • SMASH hit an exciting end to Season One. It’s on my review list but you would be upset with me if I rudely kept this comic to myself. And another treasure you won’t want to miss is Forty-Five. I’d like to get more in-depth with 45 a little later; it’s a fun concept worth exploring.
  • Paperless Comics had some good links to great stuff for you but I also liked the discussion about landing pages in the comments. And more or less encourages us to not make our readers think if we can help it – which was echoed by Smashing Magazine’s Cheeseburger Interface. I think the lesson is to make sure the thinking/processing our readers have to do is centered on the comic itself.
  • The Webcomic List forums had this fun thread called Before and After which compared the first comics of a series and current comics. It was interesting to see how the art changed in ways over time that you might miss if you were a regular reader. There was also an Awesome Strips thread where posters showed off awesome strips. Inkstuds compiled a list of five cartoonists you should be reading.

Strip Grab Bag – Why Your Webcomic Idea Won’t Work

This Boing Boing post inspired me to consider the common response to new webcomic ideas. You’ll have to let me know if you found it amusing or have anything to add…

dollar kois by orudorumagi11 300x182 Strip Grab Bag   Why Your Webcomic Idea Wont WorkFirst of all this new “Webcomic Idea” of yours won’t work because it is:

(X) technical

( ) legislative

(X) quality-based

( ) crowd-sourced

But also: