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What Did I Learn? Evil, Inc.

evil 300x99 Evil, Inc.

Evil, Inc. by Brad J. Guigar is a black and white comic about supervillains who have given up the daily pastimes of robbery and extortion for a different kind of villainy. Actually, it’s only black and white up until this storyline about the New Headquarters. The style of coloring and shadowing makes it more dramatic, which is more in line with the kind of supervillain comic that it is.

From the website:
Evil Inc. is about a corporation run by and for super-villains. Join the CEO (Chief Evil Officer) Evil Atom, a Silver-Age-villain-turned-businessman; Lightning Lady, a recovering supervillainess; Dr. Haynus, a brain-in-a-jar symbiotically joined to a puppy dog; and the rest of the employees who give a new meaning to ‘punching in’ for the day.

What Did I Learn?: Heroes Inc.

2009 07 23 Page16 BW 200x300 Heroes Inc.

Heroes Inc. by Scott Austin comes complete with superheroes, history and mecha. I mention this since I grew up enjoying wargaming and comics – and once out of high school I discovered I like history. It occurs to me that you, gentle reader, might not care for one or more of these things and that’s okay. You can enjoy the strong characters, focused story and the science fiction aspects of it all…


What Did I Learn?

robomeks action 300x157 RobomeksRobomeks by Miguel Chaves seems to take place in the far future, after Ghandi went nuclear against Lenon.

What Did I Learn?: Jefbot

Jefbot by Jeff Schuetze is a semi autobiographical webcomic that revolves around an actor named Jeff. The comic is full of actor audtions, video games, tv and movies among other pop culture references. “Oh no!” I can hear you saying that now.

jefbot 300x165 Jefbot

Ruby’s World

What Did I Learn?

6a0268bd2875 207x300 Rubys WorldRuby is a schoolgirl who abruptly finds herself to be 9ft tall and 270 lbs, with various powers like super strength given to her as a result of an experiment gone awry.

Strip News 9-11-9

goodguysspaceship 300x232 Strip News 9 11 9For some reason, I am writing all this in the mental voice of a Muppets News Flash…

What Did I Learn?: The Chronicle

2008chroniclecast 300x209 The Chronicle

The Chronicle by Josh Way is a black and white comic with very clear line and anchored by heavy blacks. Interestingly, some of the panels I like best remind me of Calvin & Hobbes. In these, the angles are just off horizontal and they feature a part of the setting or a character. That’s not to say that the other comics are somehow lacking. They aren’t.

The storytelling is clear and is very well timed. The jokes almost always work into the larger body of the ongoing story without feeling heavy handed or forced. The Chronicle develops as it goes, not in any special hurry nor just crawling along. 

Missing Review

Hey folks. This week has been busy and if you’re reading this, I wasn’t able to get anything reviewed. Sorry about that but let me get you a nice downloadable game as a distraction…

sumo thl Missing Review


What Did I Learn?

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Will Write For Chocolate

Vampire wwfc 007 300x151 Will Write For Chocolate

Will Write For Chocolate by Debbie Ohi is a comic by a writer. Specifically, it is about the passions of Eliza Street, a magazine article writer and her friend Mimi the bookstore poet. This isn’t your usual young professional sort of comic.

It’s mixed with freelance writing tips and thoughts, so you could consider the comic an extension of the writer’s work or another aspect of them, perhaps. Most comics are hosted on websites devoted to just the comic (and for good reasons) but I think Will Write For Chocolate is a good counter example. I suspect that some (kinds of) comics can only shine when they have other content material to bolster them.

And I won’t let you distract me into talking about the ramifications of these comic & content relationships and whether they should be symbiotic, parasitic or commensual because Will Write For Chocolate could stand on its own.