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Strip News 8-28-9

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for all of us, so here’s a double sized issue to catch up…


What Did I Learn?

weekly webcomic reviews by Delos

(this is a repost)

Bob The Squirrel

What Did I Learn?

bob080809 Bob The SquirrelBob The Squirrel by Frank Page is full of unique characters. You have Bob the talking squirrel, Frank the cheapskate cartoonist, Lucy the tree climbing dog, the relatively balanced Lezley who is Frank’s girlfriend, Lauren who is Lezley’s overly sensitive artistic daughter and a couple more dogs and cats, too.


Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a news post but that’s not going to happen this week. I’ll catch up on the news next week – but I’d like to spotlight some things worth sharing…

hey hello Spotlights

Theater Hopper

What Did I Learn?

weekly webcomic reviews by Delos

(this is a repost)

What Did I Learn?: Quirk’s Evil Little Webcomic

Before we get into the review of Quirk’s Evil Little Webcomic, I need to warn you about it. Despite not having anything truly eeevell in it except maybe this and this, the comic has a perfect name. I also wanted to link to (about) every other comic I read, so you’re going to see a lot of that. Finally, there are lots of cat comics which normally I’m not a big fan of but you’ll get a link to one of those too. if you’re still reading this, you’ve had enough warnings. On to the review.

There are lots of puns and word play- both of which which never cease to amuse me – even when they are groaners. You’ve just been given a bonus warning, so now you can’t blame me if you find them. There are also truisms and life observations and words of wisdom (for potrait photographers, in this case.) I even found a general health infotainment segment.

Strip News 8-14-9

lookitsampler 203x300 Strip News 8 14 9This issue of Strip News is a bit introverted so I ask you to bear with me as I wool gather.

What Did I Learn?: The Deformitory

Before I had a chance to read it for myself, I had read a number of other reviews of The Deformitory by Sophia Wiedeman. Virtually all of them talk about the deep themes that they found in the comic, which intrigued me because they all talk about slightly different themes.

When I first saw the cover, the theme that presented itself to me was about being a misfit. For me, that ties the book’s stories together nicely. The unicorn watcher saw something amazing, it consumed his life and he spent it alone. Dolores has a crippling condition (and eventually deadly) which she has to face all alone – which she’d prefer not to be at all. Both the Heart Monster and the mermaid are on the outside because of their outward appearance. The Slug gets that same treatment from her friends and also Dolores, of all people.

Strip News 8-7-9

Kind of a slow week for things that caught my eye…
alice 225x300 Strip News 8 7 9

What Did I Learn?: Lullaby

Lullaby is created and art done by Hector Sevilla, written by Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery, colors by Simon Bork, David Curiel and Ulises Arreloa, lettered by Bill Tortolini. It is this delicious mix of fairy tales and literary sources with an edge. The characters are familiar yet have some twists to them, as you can see from the picture. Alice, Jim Hawkins and Pinnochio are not what you’d expect, are they? The art is perfectly suited to the subject matter, too.