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Paper Soccer

goalkeeperpic Paper Soccer

Artist Type

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Space Girl

162 bean Space Girl

Strip News 1-1-10

It’s the start of a new year and most folks are off on vacation until (at least) Monday. Hopefully this will help tide you over until they come back…



Homer on the Grand

1 400x305 Homer on the Grand

The Great War

grandmap 400x328 The Great War



Forty Five review

I’ve been waiting for a chance to actually read Forty Five by Andi Ewington and I’m taking this opportunity to write a review on a pdf the folks at Com.X provided. Rather than repeat the obvious, I’m going to assume you’ve read at least one of the interviews and understand the basics. (If you want to read more of the interviews with Andi, you can start here.)

There is a Terminology page with about thirty terms; some of them you probably know like AWOL or HAZMAT but others are very creative like S-Book, Flambo and Norman. All of them make perfect sense within the setting context. There is also the nice touch by the use of the standard disclaimer: names-and-locations-have-been-changed-in-some-instances. It’s a small detail that added to the feel of the book.

Ce n’est pas une hat

0 400x400 Ce nest pas une hat