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The Webcomic Overlook #147: Journey To Mt. Moriah

The title of Scott Starling’s Journey to Mt. Moriah sounds like it should be a chapter from a Tolkien epic. You know, maybe that one chapter where the hobbits stopped for lunch or when an elf or a man from Numenor would break out into song.

Wait… Wasn’t that all of them?

MTV’s Splash Page names Ectopiary, Axe Cop, and Octopus Pie the best webcomics

As you know, the end of the year means year end lists. Everyone wants to give you their take on the best of 2010. Our latest “Best of 2010″ list comes from’s Splash Page, the site’s blog for comic-related news. Rather considerately, they’ve given webcomics three whole categories:

“Ectopiary” by Hans Rickheit

Webcomic Overlook’s Webcomic Moments of 2010

Welcome to this year’s webcomic wrap-up for 2010. And what an insane year it’s been. I’ve been poring through the archives of my own site, and I have to say that even I’m pretty stunned about all the major upheavals that happened this year, both industry-wise and story-wise. It was tumultuous. It was triumphant. It was continually evolving.

The Webcomic Overlook #146: Tiny Kitten Teeth

Not too long ago, a reader took me to task in the comments section of one of my recent reviews. His comment implied that I am easily swayed by pretty pictures. It was as if a cheap, theatrical device blinded me to other deficiencies, which thus led to The Webcomic Overlook handing out inflated ratings.

Next webcomic-related salvo at the bestseller book list: Girl Genius

Phil and Kaja Foglio have faith in Girl Genius (reviewed here).

They believe the character is strong enough to transcend the comic book format.

Which is why the Foglios are retelling Agatha Heterodyne’s story in their all new ebook, Agatha H and the Airship City, a novelization published by sci-fi/fantasy publisher Baen books.

Know Thy History: Thomas Nast’s Santa Claus

Over here in the real world, I’ve been reasonably busy with Christmas-related activities. Travel arrangements, presents, decorations, the whole shebang. In the month of December, I am less “El Santo” and more “El Santa.”


2011 Eisner Nominations are open!

The Eisner Awards — which includes a webcomic/digital comic award that was somehow made legit this year with Sin Titulo‘s win — are open for nominations! And now that Zuda’s gone and kicked the bucket, I’m guessing that means that a new nomination spot has opened up! Jackie Estrada has helpfully included a postscript detailing what, exactly, is a digital comic by Eisner standards:

The Webcomic Overlook #145: Critical Miss

Metapost: The 15 Worst Comics of the Decade

Apologies for not being able to do any posts lately. It’s been a ridiculously busy week.

Anyway, while you’re twiddling your thumbs out there in internet world, check out Comics Alliance’s excellent list of The 15 Worst Comics of The Decade. Good Lord, does this list bring back painful memories.

Sue Dibny raped and murdered?

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver incest?

Gwen Stacy’s grown up daughter making the moves on Peter Parker, who she thinks is her dad?

Sexy Aunt May?

Come to think of it, the 00’s was a terrible time to be a Spider-Man fan (not counting the movies or Ultimate Spider-Man). Which was a shame since the 90’s weren’t a hot time for the webslinger either.

(h/t The Beat)

Come see the Roundtable

I’m a bit late on posting this (just came back last night from a long interstate roadtrip up and down some snow covered mountains), but when you get a chance, check out Comixtalk’s End of the Year Roundtable.

The chat involves luminaries like Gary Tyrrell from FLEEN, Delos Woodruff from ArtPatient, Brigid Alverson from Robot 6 and Paperless Comics, and Johanna Draper Carlson from Comics Worth Reading. Also some ridiculous joker named “El Santo” somehow got included on the roster. Come see what people who read webcomics thought of the year! And find out my prediction for the ultimate fate of Bad Machinery.