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Gina Biggs's blog

Red String Vol.5

Gina Biggs is taking preorders for the fifth printed volume of her romance webcomic series, Red String. Red String Volume 5 is 224 pages includes bonus comic pages not available in the online archive as well as a foreword  by Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties. This is the second book she is self-publishing since her departure from Dark Horse Comics. Visit the Red String site for more details on ordering.

Red String Unbound - Interview with Gina Biggs

Brigid Alverson of the Unbound blog at CBR's Robot 6 interviews Gina Biggs, who draws the unabashedly girly Red String, which was published for a while by Manly Manga for Manly Men (TM) publisher Dark Horse.

Red String Now Updated Five Times a Week

On Monday, the Red String webcomic series will making the leap from the Mon-Wed-Fri update schedule to five days a week.  Monday through Thursday will be comic page updates and Friday will be a free sketch day. Red String is a romantic tale of destiny and self-discovery. The first three print volumes are published by Dark Horse Comics.

Red String 4 goes solo.

This is it! Red String volume 4 will be self-published and preorders are now being accepted.  While I had a good run with Dark Horse and they have been great to me, it's time to move on. It's not a decision I made lightly, of course.

Dark Horse chats with Gina Biggs

Celebrating their release of Red String volume 3, Dark Horse Comics sits down with Gina Biggs to chat about her series and being a woman in the comic industry. Gina Biggs runs the all female comic group, and continues to write the Red String webcomic as well as the fairy tale adaptations in ErstwhileRead the full interview here.

Red String Celebrates Five Years!

May 1st celebrates the anniversary of Red String's appearance on the world wide web. Five years and 766 comic pages in, Red String is still going strong both online and in print.  The site is holding a fan art contest. Also, adding to the happiness, Dark Horse will be releasing Red String Volume 3 this month.

Ladies love Strawberries.... Comics

Strawberry Comics is pleased to announce the printing of two new graphic novels: Patches Vol.1 by Amy Stoddard and Hang in there, Shimura! Vol.1 by Robin Edwards.

Red String has a new dead tree publication

The second graphic novel for the romantic webcomic, Red String, has been released by Dark Horse Comics. It's hit the comic shops and should start appearing in your local Borders, Waldenbooks, and Barnes & Noble over the next couple weeks.

This second book presents chapters eight to fourteen of an ongoing journey of self-discovery by creator Gina Biggs.

Red String Celebrates Four Years

Red String, the webcomic turned Dark Horse Comics publication, is celebrating its four year anniversary and its 600 page mark.

Come for the celebration goodies, stay for the story.

Five-hundred Red Strings!

Red String has officially passed the 500 page mark and continues to weave those threads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To celebrate, you can always come over and check out the current hot springs chapter where every female character can be found... less than dressed.