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Weekly Roundup: Bleeding Cool, Chuck Palahniuk and French Batman

Most of the talk in the comics blogosphere and news sites centered around Rich Johnston’s new site, His residency and column Lying in the Gutters has come to an end at Comic Book Resources.
Warren Ellis has returned to writing a weekly column at Bleeding Cool entitled Do Anything. Looks like it’s going to be a fun ride.

Hart Fisher on Comics Journalism, Frank Miller, Running Danzig’s Verotik and Life in Los Angeles

by Hart D. Fisher

In the early 90’s Hero Illustrated (Wizard’s main competitor at the time) put Hart Fisher on their Top 100 Most Important People in the Comic Book Industry. They also dubbed him as “the most dangerous man in comics.”
He then found himself doing journalism for Hero. For one article, Hart spoke with the man himself, Frank Miller. I asked Hart about Frank’s work and what it meant to him (and all us really) back then and how he felt about everything that Miller had accomplished over the past few years.

Brian Denham, Master of Digital Ink

Masters of Ink Brian Denham, Master of Digital Ink

By Richard Serrao

Weekly Roundup: Grant Morrison, IP A-holes, Green Lantern and chopping up your writing.

Weekly Arts, Comix and Media round up for May 27th, 2009
by Jason Thibault

It’s been another busy week on the internets. A lot of stuff going on in the comics industry with the convention season upon us. A lot going on in the social media space as well, just cuz there always is.

Five Reasons to Draw with Pen and Ink on Paper (and sometimes big)

by Jason Thibault

Now that computers and the internet have overtaken the world I sometimes fear that a lot of the traditional things that we take for granted will slowly begin to disappear. It may be an irrational fear as the internet has also brought to light amazing factions of creators in different pockets of the globe.