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750 what, you might idly ask. Well, 750 strips in the Fragile Gravity archive. Sure, it's not as impressive as the thousands of strips in other people's comics, but for us, it's a respectable number.

*small happy dance over a meaningless milestone*

We need more eyes!

We're gearing up for Fragile Gravity Book 3 and again we could use the extra sets of eyes for catching typos and the like.

Holiday memories

We always like doing a strip or two to celebrate the holidays; this year, however, our characters are a little preoccupied with a wedding so no holiday-specific strips. With this in mind, I thought I would dig out some of our older strips.

Happy holidays, folks!

How time flies...

Four years ago, a little convention down in Glenvar, Virginia said, "Huh? You guys want to premiere a what? A webcomic? OK, sure."

Four years, many other conventions (both real and virtual), one penguin invasion, and 631 comics later, we're still quietly chugging along. :)

Happy birthday, Fragile Gravity.

Follow-up to "Webcomics: The Musical?"

This is from the Washington Post review of the "Get Your War On" show, as promised.

'Get Your War On': Precision Weapons Of Mass Derision
By Peter Marks
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 10, 2006; C01
Invective can be a wonderful tool. Especially when it's wielded as brilliantly as the verbal gunslingers brandish it in "Get Your War On," which contains some of the funniest ridicule of a president and his policies I've ever heard on a stage.

Musings on the end...

Today, I started writing what will be the last few months of our third arc. This one was deliberately a short arc because let's face it -- wedding preparations can be really boring; besides, there's a few things that are happening in this arc that are seeds for the fourth and final arc. That's what struck me today-- in another month or so, I have to start writing what will be the last arc of the project I've been working on since 1999 and I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Webcomics: The Musical?

Found this reference in the Washington Post today:

Fans of David Rees's riotous and principled Internet comic strip will clamor to Get Your War On at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. The show, by the Rude Mechanicals, pays homage to the cartoon with a basic set as five actors react to the war on terror and President Bush. (Oct. 5-14)

Stoat on the road?

No, we're not talking about what happens when you cross a stoat with a southbound semi going 75 mph. We're borrowing a concept from Bryan Prindiville (Bassetville) and sending Fragile Gravity's extra-bitter stoat on a roadtrip. Rasputin is trying to get back to Glidepath and you can help him do so; send us a strip featuring Rasputin in your corner of the webcomic/artistic universe and we'll slot it into the month-long incredible journey.

Supercollider: A Webcomics Mashup

When an annoying pair of shapeshifting interdimensional gods get loose, they go on a chaotic scamper that takes them through the webcomics realities of:

  • Sluggy Freelance
  • Fragile Gravity
  • Partially Clips
  • The Devil's Panties
  • The Order of the Stick
  • Super Frat

Supercollider: A Webcomics Mashup is a 24-page B&W comic book with color cover by Chris Moreno that features 100% original and exclusive work by the creators of the comics above. The collaboration commemorates the gathering of these comics at one booth for San Diego Comic Con 2006 (Booth #1317).

It's all about the podcasts, baby...

First podcast is in the can now. Point your podcast players to the following:

We're going to do them weekly, but there probably isn't a set pattern for which day. This week's topics include our denouement, the latest Unseen Productions books, Barb and Chris' feelings about Over the Hedge, and our review of Bassetville.