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Cold Cut Under New Management

Cold Cut Distribution, the leading distributor of independent and small to mid-size press comics in the United States, has sold their company assets to Rogue Wolf Entertainment.

Retailers can still access the online ordering system at, but be advised that Cold Cut will not be able to fulfill new orders while the inventory is still being moved and set up in the new warehouse.

Rogue Wolf in comics news

Though we somehow missed it, back in November, Sean Taylor did an interview with The Pulse's Jen Contino about his career... and about his new work on our series, The Veil.;f=36;t=00682...

And more recently, Jazma Online did an interview with Danika about the founding and future of our company.

Both are great reads. Looking forward to seeing more coverage.

Ring in the New Year with Rogue Wolf webcomics

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL – December 28, 2007 –

Bored of what you’re seeing at the comic shops? Too cold to venture out to get comics? Want to start the New Year reading something great?! Not to fear! (Re-)Launches Two Webcomics!

Rogue Wolf Entertainment is excited to announce the launch of REDSHIFT, a new sci-fi series, and the return of NOCTURNAL ESSENCE, a supernatural noir webcomic.

Lance Stahlberg and Danika Kenn are the co-creators of both series. They originally published NOCTURNAL ESSENCE under the label Powerful Press. This relaunch will pick up right where the story left off, featuring brand new art by Rudolf Montemayor.

To go with the new logo and banner, Rogue Wolf will publish new "remastered" editions of their back issues from the original label as well.