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OMG, When was the last time I updated here?

It's been ages since I posted the comics here, so I've got a good bunch for you guys, with no need to even visit Shuriken Diaries dot com (though I totally recommend you do). If anyone feels like it, just hit the jump to see the last 8 strips or so! Ninjawesome!

#22 of Shuriken Diaries and a thought on "The Big Guys" linking eachother, aka the vicious cycle

This goes to a flickr page The latest strip of Shuriken Diaries, "Mudansha", can be enjoyed by clicking HERESMOKEBOMB!

The BoingBoing "Name Link" Effect, and Capybara Dream Sequence!

Wallpaper and Facebook Pages - Better than groups!?

So I've kinda ditched the whole idea of Facebook profiles for characters, instead refocussing on the new Facebook Pages, as they're called. Meant for things like products, bands, etc. Here's one for Shuriken Diaries!

#16 Clean Cut Kinda Ninja - our First Instance of Hyper Violence, YAY!

Visit the latest Shuriken Diaries page for the fully bubbled comic.

Batmen Poll and related strip

It's a Batmen battle royale, who wins? Why?

Good Artist Allies in Canada Cons, and #13 of Shuriken Diaries

#13 is up. On another note, does anyone have any recommendations for cheap artist allies at Canada cons, looking mainly at Toronto and Montreal areas? Just looking into things a bit in advance is all. Super thonks!

Great xkcd article on Wired

Here's a link to the article spoken of in the title. 70 million page views! When you're done contributing to xkcd's pageview count, throw a little love to Shuriken Diaries while you're at it.

Breaking the 4th wall, and #12, The Addiction du Jour

#12, The Addiction du Jour has been posted on Shuriken Diaries. If you check underneath the main post, at the moment, there's some links to two very cool sets of art from different people, one on ComicSpace and another straight to the webcomic.

What do you guys think about comics that break the 4th wall? I'm not talking about comics that do it in every strip, but rather the comics that do it only occasionally at the most. I freakin' hate it. More often than not it seems like a cheap way out when you have some writer's block.

And there's nothing worse than a comic that breaks the wall in the very first strip in that unbearably bad way, a la "Hi readers, this is our first strip" or two guys sitting on a couch saying "Man, we should start a webcomic" kind of junk. But, while I know I'm not alone, I'm wondering what the people of ComixTalk think. Anyone guilty of such a sin, and do you regret it, or am I just being an arse and now I'm on your blacklist?

Jesus Could've been a Ninja, and Facebook integration

2007-11-12-jesus-couldve-been-a-ninjathumb.gif#11, Jesus Could've been a Ninja went up this morning, and with it having gone up, June's Facebook profile went "public" as well, though, it had existed for a few weeks now.

Multiple personalities are super fun. On a moderately more serious note, how do you feel about this kinda "integration"? It's an experiment on my part, and while I don't know what kind of results I may or may not get, I don't really see it causing harm in any way, considering that the site itself is a part of this current arc.