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Webcartoonist-turned-Videogame-Creator wins contest sponsored by Webcartoonists-turned-Expo-Runners

It was announced today that Chronotron is one of the winners of the PAX 10, a showcase of indie games that will take place at the Penny Arcade Expo this year.

Rare Bill Watterson art

Unshelved's Blog has a link to some rare glimpses at Bill Watterson's early college paper comics, as well as some of his political cartoons, and various other stuff you probably haven't seen before. As he says, look now, because chances are it's not going to be up for long.



Comics and Public Domain Animation

Here's something that's only possible in the webcomics medium. The latest episode of Nerdcore: The Core Wars features an entire 10 minute cartoon as one of its panels. The cartoon is an old silent Felix the Cat short that has entered the public domain.

The cartoon is perfect for Nerdcore, since it uses word-balloons instead of speech, and features extensive punning.

Polymorphic text: A webomic on the internet

A recent email list discussion led to the following statement by myself:

With the advent of computronic technotext, we should be able to write paragraphs that will randomize how things are phrased without changing the meaning. For instance, I'm thinking of randomizing the subtitle of my webcomic to sometimes include the polymorphic phrase:

a[n] [inter|cyber|web|net|hyper|blogo|podo|compu|e|i|electro|data|techno]comic

on the [inter|cyber|web|net|hyper|blogo|podo|compu|e|i|electro|data|techno][web|net|tron|sphere|cast|zone|space|site]

Not Notable: Wikipedia's Aribitrary Deletion Policy

My friend Alan has written an excellent rant on Wikipedia's Arbitrary Deletion Policy. a lot of what he says has been expressed here in the past, but I think he makes some very clear arguments that the way deletion works does not jive with the way Wikipedia says deletion is supposed to work. He also has some advice on what to do about it, though I'm not sure anything can sate the thirst of the delete-happy lynch mob.

Using Project Wonderful for Personal Attacks

All in good fun. Right now, Questionable Content is running a Project Wonderful ad on Wigu, suggesting that the author molests ponies, and rubs his junk on every t-shirt he mails out.

Monkey Day is Nigh!

Casey Sorrow's Monkeyday Webcomics Marathon is quietly underway. Monkey Day is December 14th!

Another Achewood Songfight!

Once again, this week's Songfight title is an Achewood reference. This time it's "Livin' At The Corner Of Dude And Catastrophe", a reference to the third and possibly final name for Mr. Bear's pub.

If you missed it, the last time Songfight did an Achewood title, it was What we Need More of is Science, which produced stellar offerings from MC Hawking, The John Benjamin Band, and The Milwaukee Youth Center Choir.

Nerdcore's Comic/Video Game Hybrid Goes off with Almost no Hitches

The interactive 112th episode of Nerdcore is online! Depending on how well you do in the arcade-style shooter, you'll get one of three different endings.

There was a brief scare around midnight last night where users/readers found that the game wasn't responding to keyboard input in firefox+windows. Apparently flash doesn't like keyboard input + firefox + transparent windowless mode.

Interactive Comics

For the past few months, I've been working on a arcade-style shooter game starring one of the characters from my webcomic. Burnie, the lovable Fire Elemental fights a horde of flying demons with 8 degrees of movement controlled by the keyboard and 360 degrees of firing controlled by the mouse.

I've decided to take the concept a step further and blend the game directly into the current place in the comics story. That means that Nerdcore #112 will start out with a couple of panels of exposition, summarizing the "backstory" that was given in Nerdcore #111, then you'll be thrust into the game itself! Playing the middle "panels" of the comic!