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Pear-Pear is going to NYCC!

I'm super stoked for New York Comic Con! This will be my first time.

Since Pear-Pear #100 is still incubating, and the story from 100 onwards is under development, I'll be going to Con mostly just to meet people and talk and gather ideas and maybe contribute a few.

Are you going to NYCC? I'll be there Thursday and Saturday. If you want to say hi, tweet at me (@pdonz) and maybe we can run into each other!

Catnose Comics Updates 9/29-10/6


Comic Transcription for People Who Hate Typing

I hate transcribing existing comics that were saved as flat files or did not have formal scripts typed up.  I really do. I know that transcripts are useful for making comic pages easier to find on search engines.  Transcripts give accessibility of my material to blind site visitors and foreign language readers.  That didn't stop me from procrastinating on this valuable task.   I just despise typing that much.

Catnose Comics Updates 9/27-28

SOUP Wars: What the colorist and the letterer do.

Barxotka: How Can I Be A Virtuous Ruler

Make Your Webcomics Site Multilingual Using ComicPress

I finally fulfilled a long-term dream of mine. I am proud to announce that SOUP Wars is the first 100% fully bilingual title in the Catnose Comics universe, both online and offline. You can now read any SOUP Wars page in English, or the language it was meant to be read in, Spanish. The whole process required a ton of work and the technical hiccups were spectacular. Thankfully, this project has finally been conquered.  

To change the language of any comic, follow the instructions above each one -- it works like magic! Try it now, even if you don’t read Spanish. It’s pretty freaking neat. If you do speak Spanish, find out why I like the version in my native language 10 million times better.  I am sure that many of you webcomic artists out there would love to know how to do this. I am very happy to share what I learned with you all.

I realized that with ComicPress 3.0 webcomic publishing theme for WordPress, you can actually display two separate comics on the single post separately.  The nice thing about this is that you don’t have to scroll like crazy to see the different comic pages.  Out of curiosity, I decided to upload the Spanish version of SOUP Wars to see if I could make the pages instantly translatable using this feature.  Once I got it going, it was a total dream, but it took a lot of trial and error.

Catnose Comics Updates 9/23


Here's what's new today!  See you on Monday with more new stuff in my world of comics.


Catnose Comics Updates 9/22

Upir's Mark Blog N: is a Loon

Sucka!: The Vampire

Inks and flats from the upcoming SOUP Wars page.

An extra long New Catnose Comics Season Updates post…


In the interest of saving space, here's my latest comics update.  There are a lot!

Post-Weekend Update 9/17-19

Weekend Stuff

Vas and Mandarr in Person Plus, Velvet Rasputin Site Enhancements!



After a lot of sleep yesterday and a play, I have finally recovered from the very busy weeks I had to contend with.  It’s good to be refreshed.  (Read more...)

Catnose Comics Updates 9/16