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Book sighting: Dave Bergschneider!

Dave Bergschneider, the head Villain at VillainTech, is an avid reader of PC Weenies. This evening, he sent me a photo of himself with his copy of “Rebootus Maximus” and The PC Weenies / UNcubed Sampler #1.

Dave wrote:

Hi Krishna,

I just received your book…. the best place for me to picture myself is in front of my recently dismantled HAf 932 chassis (pending custom paint job).

Looks great! Bob would most definitely approve (and probably help you build it.) :)

If you’ve received your copy of “Rebootus Maximus”, send in your photo with your books, and i’ll post it on the blog! Don’t have a copy of Rebootus Maximus? Never fear, you can order one, with a choice of two specific versions, no less!

(And go check out VillainTech while you’re at it!)