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Rebootus Maximus Artist Editions: Get ‘em now before it’s too late!

There’s still time to get your numbered “Artist Edition” version of Rebootus Maximus! The books are slated to arrive in late August, and ship in early September. The cut off date to receive a numbered edition with the PCW / UNcubed Sampler #1 is August 15th (coincidently, also India’s Independence Day), at which point I’m closing all Artist Edition numbered orders.

You can still get an Artist Edition book, with a sketch in it after that date, it just won’t be numbered or include the PCW / Uncubed Sampler. Beat the holiday rush, buy your copy today (it makes a GREAT holiday gift for that techie in your life.)

As always thanks for your support. I couldn’t have made this book (or the comic) without readers like you.