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Cover For Pewfell Volume 1, issue 1 Redux

This is a new cover image I just finished for my reduxed version of Pewfell Volume 1, issue 1. I've re-organized a bunch of my earlier material and re-introduced some of my earliest strips to the official cannon. Adam & I have written some new stories to round the whole thing out, and my next task is to finish drawing those.

I've been wanting to do this for a while as I never felt the beginning was as strong as the rest of the strip. These days I have a very clear idea of whet the strip is and what it's about. When I first started I was just making it up as I went along and as a result the initial material was wildly uneven, much of it just not up to par, or else off on a tangent. Now I think it's going to work much better as a hook for the rest of the series, and be more on a level with the later material in terms of quality.

Let me know what you think!