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ComixTalk Wants Your Reviews; Interviews and other Feature Articles: Write For Us!

We need your help! We like to publish interviews, reviews and other features at ComixTalk. In fact, it's kind of the reason for ComixTalk's existence.

We are currently paying a standard rate for reviews, interviews, and other feature-length articles upon publication in the magazine section of ComixTalk.  Articles submitted will be edited for style and format.  You must be willing to work with an editor from ComixTalk.  Your article may need very little work before we consider it acceptable for publication or it may need extensive revisions.  Be prepared for feedback.

UPDATE:  AS of December 2008, we are not soliciting articles for publication at COMIXTALK.  I want to thank all of our contributors to the magazine over the last six (6!) years and wish all of you good luck in the future.  So long and thanks for all the fish!

You keep the copyright to anything you publish at ComixTalk (you must give us a license to publish it online and archive in perpetuity). So if you want to publish your work at another site later (we do ask that you give ComixTalk a six month window before doing so but we try to be very flexible about contributors' wishes) or turn it into a book like T Campbell did (His History of Webcomics book is based on a series of articles he wrote for ComixTalk) then you're free to do so.