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Al Schroeder is a former print comic letterhack, who met his wife through Julie Schwartz'' Superman letter columns, and who also worked with Marty Pasko on one issue of Superman. He now does his own superhero(ine) webcomic, Mindmistress, trying to prove that there are new twists left in the superhero genre.

A newcomer to the webcomic writing world, Alan Knight has worked and continues to work on a variety of roleplaying game-related websites across the net, from reviews at RPGFan to his current role as fanfiction maintainer at RPGamer. In his spare time he administrates a small IRC network and practices his immaculate English accent.

Alexander Danner is the author of many short comics, including “The Discovery of Spoons” and “Five Ways to Love a Cockroach,” which can be found at His most recent project, the novella “Gingerbread Houses,” is illustrated by Edward J. Grug III and updates weekly at Danner is also co-author of the textbook Character Design for Graphic Novels. He teaches Writing the GraphicNovel at Emerson College and is an active member of The Boston ComicsRoundtable.

Alicia Curtis teaches history and special education at JLHS in the Bronx. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Secondary Education at Mercy College, also in the Bronx. Her poetry and prose has appeared in several journals, including Blithe House Quarterly and Agnieszka's Dowery. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her boyfriend and their hamster.

Andrew Bonia lives in a box in your basement. His one joy in life is writing and illustrating Chaos Chronicles, a cartoon science fiction epic.

Andrew Leal is a comics and animation enthusiast (and current literature MA at Syracuse University) whose critical writings have appeared in Graphic Novel Review, Comixpedia, and the print magazine Scarlet Street. Working with animation historian Jerry Beck, he contributed essays on animation history to the 2004 book Animation Art, and multiple reviews and film credits to the just published Animated Movie Guide. His own website, Toonjunkies, is a work in progress database of animation feature credits, links, and background info.

Apis "Uneide" Teicher is a contributor at large for the Comixpedia, and a freelance writer/illustrator based in Vancouver. Deathly afraid of mimes and mold, she staves off boredom and bill collectors by her artistic endeavours, which can be see at her website, Uneide Art. She also creates the webcomics Blatah, Nocturnia and Haven:Hathaway.

Barry T. Smith is a guest contributor. You can go buy all of his webcomic''s merchandise here.

Ben Thompson is a 22 year old webcartoonist from Ohio who graduated college in May with a degree in commercial art. You can keep up to date on all of his projects at

Bill Duncan is a Canadian, and an avid reader of comics on the web and otherwise. He has been a dish-washer, tree-trimmer, projectionist, translator, reporter, editor, and teacher, and thought he might like to be an art director for awhile.

You can be plagued by the pink-elephanted demons of Bill Mudron''s imagination here.

Bill Roundy is a contributor-at-large for the Comixpedia. You can find his own webcomic exorcisms here.

Boxjam is responsible for the webcomic BoxJam’s Doodle. He’s very lucky that his family will have him, and he spends lots of time assuring his wife that she is not the character in his comic. He’s read comic strips since he could read, has photo albums full of Peanuts strips he cut out of the paper as a child, and somewhere he has an autograph of Charles Schulz. He’s often the example people cite on both sides of the "does a comic strip need good art to be good?" debate.

Brad Guigar is a guest columnist for the Comixpedia. You can find him lodging at the Greystone Inn.

Brian Daniel is a guest columnist.

Brigid Alverson is a freelance writer and the blogger behind MangaBlog. She also writes about webcomics for Digital Strips. Check out her arts and feature writing at her personal site.

Bryant Paul Johnson is the author of the weekly faux-historical comic Teaching Baby Paranoia. He lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

cat garza is the creator of several webcomics, including: Welcome to Whimville, Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theatre, and Cuentos de la Frontera.

Catherine Harrell is a guest contributor for the Comixpedia. Her own webcomic work can be found here.

Chris "Frodo" Furniss is a contributor-at-large for the Comixpedia. Since around the year 2000, he has been crafting webcomics, first with The Necronomicon and later with Intelligent Life.

Chris Daily likes to pretend he''s got some kind of a life. Besides reading other online strips, and drawing his own webcomic, Striptease, he likes to dream about the future.

D. Richard Scannell is the author and illustrator of For the Hermits. His stories, poems, comics, and reviews can be found in various web and print publications including Bookslut, Thieves Jargon, Sein und Werden, and Torkstar.

Dalton Wemble is a guest contributor for the Comixpedia. As he explains it, he is a 60-year veteran of the webcomics world and has been commenting on the webcomics "scene" since his 1971 publication, The Decline of the Phosphorescent Pixel.

Dan Carroll co-published the now-defunct web anthology E-volution, and has written, drawn, and edited material for somewhere in the neighborhood of five dozen comic-related websites, most of which are now gone. Some, like Comixpedia, are still around. He lives in Chicago, where you have to self-publish something every so often or they throw you out.

David C. Simon lives in Western Sydney and is the author and artist of Crimson Dark. A proud member of NightGig, a committed Christian and an unrepentant geek, David wastes too much time playing computer games when he ought to be producing new pages.

Dave Wright is the creator of Todd and Penguinn.

Dr. Haus is the self-appointed Watcher of Webcomicry by night. By day, he is Adam M., a young man with an often-mispronounced last name. He currently studies Political Science in college and writes in hope of one day getting a day job outside of the food service sector. You can read more of his crazy webcomic reviews at The Webcomic Watchman.

Dylan Meconis is a guest columnist for the Comixpedia. You can follow her love-hate relationship with comics here.

Emanuella Grinberg is a fugitive New Yorker who''s hiding out in Halifax, Nova Scotia to complete her undergraduate studies. She enjoys short walks on the beach, ordering out and sleeping in when she's not pursuing her studies in journalism.


Erg, as he is known on the web, was born youngest son of a poor gold miner ekeing out a living in the outer regions of Azeroth. His early days were marked with hardship, reading comics on pulped wood sheets, then burning them to keep warm. He and his family could not afford many comics because constant orc raids caused them to respawn regularly.  Through hard work, spawn camping, and the occasional "hacking" Erg was able to afford a ticket to the US, where he worked even harder as a student of economics in a Midwestern university. 24 years old, he is married to Mrs. Erg (who is none to thrilled about her last name), has a 2 year old Erg Jr. and is expecting Ergina at the end of the summer. He is now living in the Midwest, and reading "digital" comics on the "world wide web".

Eric Burns is the founder and half of Websnark, and the writer of Gossamer Commons. His latest project is The Adventures of Brigadier General John Stark.  Burns has also written for Steve Jackson Games, Decipher Games, and was a co-author of the ENnie nominated Sidewinder: Wild West Adventures for Citizen Games. He is listed as a "Contributing Author" for the Gold ENnie award winning Sidewinder: Recoiled, but o­ne shouldn''t read too much into that.

Eric Millikin is the son of a laid-off auto worker, grew up in a trailer park and has an IQ around 150. He is also one-half of the creative team behind Fetus-X, currently published on

Ericka Crouse is a contributor to Comixpedia.

Erik Melander has read comics his whole life. Vir Bonus is his own attempt at creating one.

Damonk is a self-professed mad genius, with delusions of being a webcomics know-it-all possessing a godlike command of the English language (since he’s French-Acadian, don’tcha know), the ability to write immaculate reviews, and the undying fanatical love of all those who meet him.

It’s a good thing he has such a wonderfully patient wife to slap him back down to earth and reality every once in a while.

Oh, and sometimes he draws stuff.

George Curtis stumbled onto webcomics around 1996, and to date has over 100 titles in his personal bookmarks file, attesting to his love of the medium. Aside from his love of webcomics, his interestes include scale modelling, computer tech and being an avid collector of movie and anime memorabillia.

Grant Thomas is an art teacher living in Central Illinois. His most recent webcomic work is an 18 page story called, A Week in September. Grant's past webcomics include the playfully experimental Graphic Poems and the fixed art comic strip, Birdsworth (with Gilead Pellaeon.) He is currently re-working his music-obsessed comic, My Life in Records.  When he isn't hanging out with his beautiful wife or making comics, Grant likes to paint, write songs and contribute to PlasticEye, a Holga blog.

Greg Stephens is a guest columnist for Comixpedia. You can find his own attempts at not making a webcomic here.

Howard Tayler is a full-time cartoonist whose principal work can be found at He lives in Orem, Utah with his wife and four children.

Hyung Sun Kim creates Kung Fool.

Iain Hamp grew up in Sierra Vista, Arizona, a town comprised of military, retirees, cowboys, and Iain''s family. As an only child, he often found himself with nothing to fill his time with besides deep thought, and occasionally Transformers. Luckily, there was a comic book store within walking distance when his body started changing and he naturally began getting interested in that sort of thing.

Eventually, the Internet Man came around in his musical truck, and Iain bought himself a website and a mint chocolate chip waffle cone. He moved to Tucson, then quickly realized the error of his ways and moved on to Phoenix. Nowadays he spends his time thinking about ponies and coding web pages for a living. His wife is very supportive of his career, and at least pats him on the head even when his comics aren't funny to anyone but him. The rest is future.

You can find more of Iain's work at Darwin's Complex.

Justin survived for two years in China with an English reading supply consisting solely of webcomics, but he had wild adventures. His life is less interesting now and he has more to read, but he still likes the digital comickery. His website is Hungry J Propaganda.

Jamie Robertson is the creator of Clan of the Cats, SEBO, and Melpomene. He is also the Trinoc*coN 2007 Comics Track Director and a member of the North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch.

Jeff Darlington is a guest contributor to Comixpedia. He is the creator of GPF (or more formally, General Protection Fault), a webcomic that has been known to balance humor and drama itself.

Jim Zubkavich is an obsessed man in his mid twenties living in Eastern Canada with his beautiful girlfriend, queen of the elves. Comics, role-playing games, video games... all the geekly arts tumble in front of him like fish bait as he gulps up as much as he can swallow. After working all day at an animation studio drawing backgrounds for Saturday Morning cartoons, he works on webcomics projects, including the award-winning Makeshift Miracle and Flipside Stories.

Catch more of Joel Fagin's thoughts on webcomics, writing and design at his website.

John Barber is an award-winning creator of comics online and off and currently lives in New York City where he edits comics for a living. You can find links to all of his webcomic work at his website.

John Lynch is a university student from Sydney, Australia. In his spare time he works on his webcomic, The Queen''s Land, which is a big excuse to mock his fellow Australians.

John Troutman is the creator of several webcomics including Sporkman, Basil Flint and Andiewear! He is also the writer for Vigilante Ho! and Felicity.

Jon "SonicTail" Hayward.

Jon Morris is the creator of the heartwarming and stomach-churning Ignatz-nominated webcomic about Doctor Frakenstein's youngest son, Jeremy: Just Turned Nine. He also has a collection of short and one-panel strips at Open Book, and collaborated on BOO!: Halloween Stories.

Justin Pierce is the sound effects supervisor on the webcomic Killroy and Tina. He has a degree in English from the University of Wisconsin, and now works in ad design. As an avid fan of webcomics and saying things, Justin appreciates the realm of Comixpedia. He also enjoys being with his loving girlfriend, listening to Lyle Lovett, and playing rhythm-based video games.

Kelly J. Cooper is a long-time writer with a strange and trivia-stuffed brain that can recall obscure forensic facts and then forget words like "refrigerator." She regularly renders twisty, winding thought pieces, opinions, poetry, rude rants, and the occasional fiction story, most of which can be found on her website. Her addiction to comics dates back to the early 1990''s and extended into the online world of webcomics a few years ago now. It''s true love and the long haul.

Kim Smuga is the writer for several webcomics ranging from hard science fiction to shojo/romance comics. Her work is published online at Studio Antithesis.

Kip Manley writes about politics and comics at his blog Long Story, Short Pier.

Kristofer Straub is the creator of Checkerboard Nightmare and Starslip Crisis. He can currently be found pioneering You.0 web services at Half Pixel.

Larry "El Santo" Cruz reviews and writes about webcomics at his blog, The Webcomic Overlook.

Laura Swearingen-Steadwell is a bookseller, a poet, and a longtime lover of comics.

Leah Fitzgerald grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (not New Jersey). She now lives in Lennoxville, Quebec, making good use of her twelve years in French Immersion. Leah has a degree in Journalism from the University of King''s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which has nothing to do with her day job. Leah loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Strangers in Paradise and Sponge Bob Square Pants. She really doesn''t like Beanie Babies and apples.

Linda Howard is a freelance writer and editor who lives in San Francisco. She is also a founding member of the Dung Beetle Comics Collective, where she has taken on writing and lettering duties for several comics that should premiere later this year (2007).

Marilyn Scott-Walters creates the webcomics, The Return of Dr. Dragonwagon.

Maritza Campos is a guest contributor for the Comixpedia. You can look at what post-secondary Hell spawned her message board''s incredible popularity here.

Mark Mekkes is the creator of Zortic and the co-creator, with Tiffany Ross of Abby''s Agency.

Matt Gasser also works on a number of other webcomics including the Gimblians and the Misfits of Fandom. You can also check out for his portfolio and complete list of works.

Matt ''netpoet'' Summers lives with his wife and son in rustic eastern Virginia, and is the writer for Tales of the Traveling Gnome, a fantasy webcomic that updates biweekly.

Matt Trepal has been involved in the webcomics community for over three years, first as a reader and then as the creator of the webcomic Fight Cast Or Evade. He considers his taste in comics, both online and in print, to transcend many genre lines. Whether or not this qualifies him to comment on the efforts of others remains to be seen, but people a lot more well-known than him considered him worth listening to. He is somewhat embarrassed by the trust placed in him, but is struggling mightily to live up to it.

Meaghan Quinn creates a lot of webcomics - you can find out about them here.

Michael McGovern writes fantasy, superhero parody, sci-fi, political humor and horror comics at

Michael McKay -Fleming creates the webcomic Alice!

Payne's fiction has been published by the likes of Tor Books, the Writers of the Future Contest anthology, and Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, and his capsule book reviews appear weekly on the SFWA web site. He's written webcomic reviews for the Webcomics Examiner, is the Registrar for the Webcartoonists' Choice Awards, and his webcomics are Terebinth (updated five times a fortnight), and Daily Grind (updated five times a week as part of the Daily Grind Iron Man Competition). He doesn't draw very well.

Mike Rouse-Deane lives in Hull, United Kingdom and is in love with webcomics. He writes about webcomic books at his blog Webcomics In Print.

Michael received a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder. It made an excellent paper airplane. After spending one year at a newspaper and one year at a news wire, he escaped into Web development and promptly forgot both grammar and AP style.

Miguel Caron writes, draws and pimps White Hydra.

Miguel Estrugo is the creator of the webcomic Alice Otter.

Monique MacNaughton graduated with a B.A. from St. Thomas University and went on to get a diploma in Communication Arts in the field of graphic design from NBCC Woodstock. She livesin New Maryland, New Brunswick, doing freelance graphic work, contracting and portrait commissions in addition to her comics and graphic novels. A list of her webcomic projects is available at her webcomics nation site.

Neal Von Flue is a freelance artist who publishes his webcomics at, a part of, a collective of artists and illustrators. He is best known for infinite canvas works and formal experimentation like The Jerk and 10:30to12. He has collaborated with a number of writers such as Alexander Danner (Five Ways to Love a Cockroach), and Andrew Dabb (Slices). He is currently working diligently with his wife in their day job, and raising their 3 children.

Neil Cohn writes and researches on the cognition behind the visual language of "comics," and is currently a graduate student in Psychology at Tufts University.

Otis Frampton is a guest contributor for the Comixpedia. You can find his own foray into artful narrative here.

The Marvelous Patric was born Patrick Lewandowski, but it didn’t take. He earned his BFA, majoring in Comic Illustration, at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since graduating from college, Patric has created several comics, such as The Twisting, Aces High, and Fun Factory for Graphic Smash. He has also worked as a freelance colorist, most notably for the trade paperback collection of Bill Willingham’s Pantheon by Lonestar Press. All this while slaving away at his daily comic strip, Freaks N Squeeks.

Petie Shumate is a guest contributor for the Comixpedia. You can read his less complicated approaches to humor here.

Phil Kahn, the renowned slacker, hypocrite and pseudo-cartoonist has an unfortunate bout of ambition that exceeds his own abilities. Evidence of which can be found on his oft-neglected webcomic, The Hoojie Crew, his pretentious criticism site, I''m Just Saying, and his eager young group of rag-tag freedom fighters and webcomic artists on Biscuit Press. If you ever meet him, whatever you do, don''t get him started on webcomics. He won''t shut up. Ever.

Philip Sandifer is a PhD student in English at the University of Florida, focusing on comics and video games. This means that he gets paid to think about webcomics and to play video games. He has the best job ever.

A product of the webcomics generation, Ping Teo makes, blogs, discusses, supports and mocks (bad) webcomics. She has far too many projects, including her two and a third webcomics: Graphic Smash's The Jaded, The Longest Sojourn and the infamous How Not To Run a Comic.

Ponteus Madsen is working on moving from Step 3 to Step 4, but for now updates Little Gamers on a secret and random update schedule.

Quinn Fleming is the creator of Clown Samurai.

RJ Astruc is a freelance journalist and editor currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She and artist Viger Persinger are the creative team behind the "demon-meets-Dilbert" comic, Blackaby, which, in all fairness, did seem like a good idea at the time.

Rob Balder is the creator of the clip-art comic strip PartiallyClips, which recently reached its third anniversary online. The strip has appeared in the pages of more than two dozen newspapers and magazines, and is currently running weekly in seven US cities. He is the Associate Editor of Nth Degree, has released a CD of filk songs, and is the creator of Get Nifty, the Sluggy Freelance card game.

Robin Meyer is the artist for the webcomic Metrophor.

Welton Colbert''s cartooning career came to a halt when all these young punks with computers took over his industry. He has a new career as a comic reviewer. You can read his reviews at

When she''s not dealing with irate law students who owe library books, Sahsha can be found writing and illustrating her own webcomic, Nekko and Joruba.

Scott Kellogg is a contributor for the Comixpedia. You can peer into his own Machiavellian exploits here.

Sean Barrett is a contributor at large for Comixpedia.

I'm a business guy. I was a financial analyst for a bit and received my MBA shortly thereafter. Today I'm a partner in a small market strategy consultancy, and webcomics are a hobby for me to look at.

Shaenon K. Garrity is the creator of Narbonic, Smithson, and Lil Mel.

Steve Bryant is a contributor-at-large for the Comixpedia. You can hyperlink your way on over to his excellent Trojan Horse of a webcomic here.

Stickler and Hat-trick review webcomics with the subtlety of a slapshot to your skull.

Staff Contributor

T CAMPBELL is the busiest writer in webcomics, between his science-fiction adventure FANS, his spy romance RIP & TERI, his documentary THE SEARCH ENGINE WARS, and his soon-to-be-in-print satire, HOW TO BREAK INTO COMICS. T CAMPBELL is the busiest writer in webcomics, between his science-fiction adventure FANS, his spy romance RIP & TERI, his teen comedy PENNY AND AGGIE, and his editorship of Graphic Smash. Note:

Ted Anderson is a contributor to Comixpedia.

Teel McClanahan III is a guest columnist for the Comixpedia. You can check out where he puts his money where his mouth is here.

Terrence Marks co-writes Spare Parts and You Say it First.

Tiffany Ross is a guest contributor to Comixpedia. You can find links to her webcomic work at her website.

Tim Broderick is the creator of the webcomic Odd Jobs, featured at Moderntales and His mystery graphic novel “Cash & Carry” is being published by Echelon Press in January, 2008.

Trisha L. Sebastian is a freelance writer from New York. The managing editor and press liaison for the minicomics anthology known as Smut Peddler, she regularly writes for Sequential Tart and has contributed to The Pulse as well as Wizard: Anime Insider.

Tymothi Godek is best known for his experimental webcomic shorts, found at The Yellow Light. A sometimes author/illustrator for Comixpedia and the Webcomics Examiner, he also keeps a journal-comic style blog at the (aptly titled) Mostly Banal.

Wednesday White is a frequent contributor to Comixpedia. She also writes for the blog, Websnark.

Xaviar Xerexes is the publisher, editor and all-around web monkey for ComixTALK. If that's not enough -- check out his website to see what other projects he's working on.

Yolanda Yvonne Janiga graduated with honours from the University of South Alabama and studied journalism at the University of King''s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.