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Ben Costa

Interview with Ben Costa of Pang The Wandering Monk

I had a quick interview with Ben Costa at SPX.  He has the first volume of his webcomic out in print as Pang The Wandering Shaolin Monk (he won a Xeric award to put out the book) and he's publishing volume 2 of the comic on the web.

SPX 2010 Photos (Part 1)

Photos of creators from this year's SPX (part 1)

Comix Talk for Friday, July 16, 2010

The Sisters Grimm webcomic

It's just one of those quiet news days (watch, right after I post, something HUGE will happen...).  Have a great weekend!

MC HYPE-Z:  The Sisters Grimm webcomic starts today with a schedule planned for weekly updates on Friday.  Writer Dave Pauwels describes it as "The comic is your average adventure-comedy-political thriller-space rock opera.  Set on Mars, in the year 2339, it follows a garage band and their exploits against a backdrop of Martian civil war."  The webcomic is drawn by Nicolas R. Giacondino, who lives in Argentina - his Deviant Art page is here

VIDEO GAMEZZZZ:  Cameron Stewart reveals that he and Karl Kerschl and writing and drawing a new comic miniseries for Ubisoft, based on their hugely popular Assassin's Creed videogames. 

PR0N: Erica Henderson explains in a short comic why 3D porn may not be such a good idea (SFW actually).


Comix Talk for Thursday, March 11, 2010

 Refuge of the Heart by Ben CostaGood morning y'all, I almost skipped updating the site today but than I saw this: Josh Lesnick's WEBCOMIC PONY PARTY.  'Nuff said.

DEAD TREES: Ben Costa posts that he won a xeric grant and has the cover art to the book he'll be self-publishing, Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk, Vol. 1: Refuge of the Heart.  I'm looking forward to this book.

Also another installment from Tyler Page on his experiences in self-publishing his comic Nothing BetterPart 1 is here and part 2 is here.  (A part 3 is coming)

BUSINESS: The Daily Cross Hatch has an interview with Bellen creator Box Brown about the fundraising website Kickstarter.  In related news, James Kochalka's Kickstarter drive to fund a video game he thought up has met its goal so GAME ON.

COPYRIGHT: Copyright is a weird thing sometimes in this age of MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA all around us.  Take this example of a post examining Dave Devries series of paintings based on children's drawings.  What's the kid's (c) versus what's Devries?  You might think there's an obvious answer but take the questions seriously and I bet you start to think a bit harder about it.

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Natalie Dee

JUSTIFY MY HYPE: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel.  Also 'nuff said.

ComixTalk for Monday, March 1, 2010

It looks like a busy month for conventions and stuff in webcomicsland. The calendar is a google calendar so it's easily importable into calendar programs and embeddable in other websites.  I'm also happy to have others become co-maintainers of the Comix Events Calendar - tweet or gmail me at xerexes.  Along those lines I just added info on MoCCA -- the Daily Cross Hatch has the program for this year (and it looks very interesting!).

INTERVIEW: SFGate talks to Jason Shiga about his new multi-ending graphic novel, Meanwhile. (h/t Brigid Alverson)  Also a review of Meanwhile at Forbidden Planet. (h/t Journalista!)

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Ben Costa's Xeric Award winning Shi Long Pang, the Wandering Shaolin Monk.

And Delos rounded up the news of last week!

Comix Talk for Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So today is the Second Coming?  The rumored debut of Apple's oversized iPod has sent the newspaper business into a tizzy but it is potentially VERY interesting to the world of comics.  I doubt the first generation of it (if it exists!) will be affordable enough but eventually this could become a serious platform for comics.  IF IF IF IF....

In non-rapturous news of the day, congrats to Ben Costa for winning a Xeric Grant for Shi Long Pang. I look forward to buying that book! (h/t Paperless Comics)  And in a true spirit of public service, Gary reads Platinum Comics Licensing's press release to decipher the latest business plan: "an in-house version of CafePress."

INTERVIEW: Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots.

REVIEW: Delos reviews Insert Comic by Zack Holmes.

And how about some links to fill-out your morning read -- here's the list of webcomics the readers of the Washington Post nominated for its Comics Riffs poll on "Best Webcomic of the Decade": "Devil's Panties" ; "Devin Crane" ; "Eric Monster Millikin" ; "Girl Genius" ; "Girls With Slingshots" ; "Hark! A Vagrant" ; "Jesus and Mo" ; "Kevin and Kell" ; "Least I Could Do" ; "Navy Bean" ; "The New Adventures of Queen Victoria" ; "Order of the Stick" ; "Penny Arcade" ; "Perry Bible Fellowship" ; "Pibgorn" ; "PvP" ; "Questionable Content" ; "Red String" ; "Schlock Mercenary" ; "Sinfest" ; "UserFriendly.Org" ; and "xkcd."

Shi Long Pang by Ben Costa

Webcomic Idol 08 Almost Over

There are 3 webcomics left in Bomb Shelter's Webcomic Idol and after the elimination thing-a-ma-bee there'll be just two this week.  I think the plan is that they'll announce the winner sometime after Thanksgiving. 

The least vote getter is Simulated Comic Product (that's a good thing in this contest - people are voting to eliminate comics).  I mostly like this one - it's more often funny than not and every so often there's a truly unsettling one that gives you a little jab of tension.  But it's a weekly updating comic without a story or true characters -- while it may be the one to win the contest, it just isn't one of the most funny comics of its type out there... yet. 

Marooned is a science fiction comic, with a story and characters and a twice-weekly updating schedule.  I think it has a lot of potential.  I'm torn over the art.  On the one hand it's simple style is fine for the story and mostly Tom Dell'aringa has a handle on it.  But other times, when he tries to draw something out of the core cast, like backgrounds or some of the robots, I do wish he had put more into it.

Shi Long Pang is a totally different animal than the other two.  We're 125 pages into a probably pretty epic story.  It's a comic about the story and the characters.  I think Ben Costa is spinning an entirely fantastic tale here.  I am sure if he keeps up the quality of work this will be a great story to sit down with and read from start to finish.

Cloaca Maxima Concludes

Everyone's body goes through changes during adolescence. Billy's body is going through more changes than most.

The conclusion of Ben Costa's disturbing minicomic Cloaca Maxima is now available for viewing at the Transplant Comics forum. Ben is the creator of the kung fu series Shi Long Pang. Go check it out.

Cloaca Maxima

Ben Costa, creator of Shi Long Pang, is working on a new minicomic for the SF Zine Festival. It's a bizarre tween pregnancy horror story called Cloaca Maxima. Ben was kind enough to post a preview at the Transplant Comics forum. Go check it out, and if you're at the SF Zine Festival next week be sure to say hi.