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Bryant Paul Johnson

Bryant Paul Johnson was born in Boston, grew up on Cape Cod, educated in Montreal and now lives in Northampton. He is the creator of the long running webcomic Teaching Baby Paranoia and The Antecedent, a webcomic of American History.

News For Monday, January 29, 2007 (UPDATED)

Wow - it was a huge weekend for webcomics!







Rolling Sunday Update - Go DC UNITED

Hometown futbol club DC UNITED is in the conference championship. Go DC! (I will be there screaming like an eagle). Okay back to webcomics... UPDATE: DC UNITED lost 1-0. There is no joy in Mudville tonight...


  • The Smithsonian has an exhibit on America's cartoonists: “Cartoon America: Highlights from the Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricature” is now open at the Library of Congress in the Great Hall of the Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First St. S.E., Washington, D.C. The exhibition features 100 masterworks of such celebrated artists as political cartoonists Thomas Nast, Rube Goldberg, Bill Mauldin and Patrick Oliphant; comic strip creators Winsor McCay, George Herriman, Chic Young, Milt Caniff, Charles Schulz and Lynn Johnston; humorous gag cartoonists Peter Arno and William Steig; caricaturists Al Hirschfeld and David Levine; animation drawings and cels from Walt Disney Productions and Hanna-Barbera; and illustrations by Edwin A. Abbey, John Held and Michael Hague.



  • This Monday (November 6) is the 900 mark for Arthur, King of Time and Space. Congrats!


Friday News and Weekend Clues



  • Kitchen, Lind & Associates have signed up webcomic creator Bryant Paul Johnson (Teaching Baby Paranoia, The Antecedent). Previously this agency had signed up webcomic creators Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing. KL&A provides artist representation and book packaging to its clients. (KLA will have a booth at SPX on October 13th and 14th to promote its upcoming packaged books and is looking to meet with talented creators who are seeking representation.) You know you're at a webcomic news site because the big deal here to me is the signing of creators from the web. The big news to everyone else though will be that KLA has signed Jim Lawson and the estate of Harvey Kurtzman.
  • Barry Deutsch who sold his URL to a "Search Engine Optimization" company - but kept his blog and cartoons there - opens up his blog to discussion of his decision. Reinder has a post with some thoughts on the controversy.





Science Idol Finalists

The Union of Concerned Scientists has announced the top 12 finalists for their Science Idol editorial cartoon contest, and voting has begun to determine the winner of the grand prize.

Direct voting page is here. The names of all the entrants are not given, so I don't know if there's any other showing from the webcomics community, but my own entry is number 6 and Bryant Paul Johnson's (of Teaching Baby Paranoia) is number 5.

Welcome to the April Issue

We'll be tackling the superheroes of webcomics this month.  We've got a smashing cover from Tim Demeter (the creator of Reckless Life) and we start off with an interview with Abby L., the creator of the popular superheroine webcomic, The Green Avenger.

We've also got another installment of Bryant Paul Johnson's bound-to-be award-winning column, The Antecedent.  This month learn the shocking secrets of the gerrymander!

I also want to thank out current sponsors: The Webcomic List, and the webcomics, Lonely Fetus, Templar, Arizona and Surely Functional.

Fleening Baby Paranoia

Always good to see some recognition of Bryant Paul Johnson's stellar Teaching Baby Paranoia series, this nice review is from FLEEN's Gary Tyrrell.

Keeping It Real With the First Week of the February Issue

Our first week slate of the February, "Kickin' It Old School" issue is up. We've got two webcomic columns this week - another installment of Checkerboard Nightmare from Kris Straub, as well as The Antecedent by Bryant Paul Johnson.

We also have an interview with Jon Rosenberg, creator of Goats and this month, Gilead Pellaeon takes the reins of Through the Looking Back Glass to review some recent webcomic resolutions for 2006.

Three Years of Comixpedia

A little love letter to the magazine that could.It's the third anniversary of Comixpedia this issue.

2006 is the fourth year we've been writing about webcomics. We've put out 38 monthly issues of the magazine and published more than 600 reviews, interviews and other articles about webcomics. We've posted more than 2500 news posts (that's not counting the magazine).

New Installment of The Antecedent

The second installment of The Antecedent is up. I've been working on spreading the word about this great effort - if you frequent a political or news site that you think would be interested in reading Bryant Paul Johnson's work here please click through - in the extended version of this I've written out a short and sweet bit you can copy and paste to spread the word.

Week 1 of the January Issue

Our January issue is called The Future Issue and in our first week we have new stuff, new technology and a look at what might have been.

Neil Cohn leads off things with a feature on the grammar of visual language. Pay attention, there'll be a quiz later!

Next we have an interview with William Simons and T Campbell, the duo behind the relaunched comics-on-your-iPod site, Clickwheel. And in this week's review, Frank (the artist formerly known as Damonk) Cormier looks at three ground-breaking webcomics, Brambletown, Nowhere Girl and Pierced.

Xaviar Xerexes takes a turn at Through The Looking Back Glass and looks at the state of the webcomics press and the issue of whether creators have any business writing about webcomics.

We also have two brand new comic-columns for 2006 - both of which we posted earlier this week: Checkerboard Nightmare by Kris Straub and The Antecedent by Bryant Paul Johnson.