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Chris Flick

Intervention 2010 Photos

A few photos from Intervention Con 2010 this weekend in Bethesda, MD.  

Comix Talk for Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a review up of the first print collection of the webcomic Quitting Time.  I'm not at San Diego's thing this year -- and from what I read, perhaps it will be LA's thing next year?  Might as well move it to Las Vegas then...


INTERVIEW: Daily Cross Hatch has an interview with Dean Haspiel.



NOT WEBCOMICS:  Scott Kurtz made this video?  According to a press release for the Picross 3D™ video game for the Nintendo DS™ he did. 

Ender's Blog and Other Webcomic News

Just to lead off - PAX pox is on the loose... and in a funny guest Penny Arcade comic from Fox Trot cartoonist Bill Amend.

Farewell Scary Go RoundA longer goodbye message from creator John Allison on his blog here.  After reading the actual ending, I have no idea what's in store in his next comic -- which happily, I believe, kicks off on Monday. 

Randall Munroe has a book coming out!  xkcd: volume 0 will be released in the xkcd store next week. And Munroe will be on a limited book tour to support it. (Also today's xkcd?  I wonder how you'd have to tweak Ender's Game in the blog/tweet/etc world of today?  I mean part of its storyline basically reads "1. Blog; 2. ????; 3. World Domination!"  Anyhow - another brilliant comic from Munroe.)

Webcomic Week reviewed Chris Flick's Capes N Babes recently and Derik Badman reviews Kramer's Ergot 7.

Art Patient rounds up lots of webcomic reviews and interviews here.


Saw this on Sean Kleefeld's site - a video about fan culture with a whole lot of interviews of interesting folks including Scott Kurtz, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Ryan Sohmer, and Lar deSouza.

It's Ain't Easy Being Green

Good morning Internet!  Swine flu even at PAX?! (see Mike/Gabe's message) -- nice to see that the Penny Arcade crew is broadcasting useful information via the website and encouraging everyone to take care of themselves.  That show seemed huge this year.  I am looking forward to my probably futile hopes to attend PAX East (futile because something always comes up to deflect my physical travels much like that damn leprechaun and his stale box of marshmallows and grains).

Rick Marshall scores an interview with Harvey Pekar about his new webcomic project.  How cool is that?!

A lovely interview with the talented Kate Beaton (no! you have not yet read enough interviews with Beaton this year!!  And... there WILL BE MORE! This Nostradamous predicts...)

Brigid Alverson gives a very good review to the first print collection of Skin Horse by Shaenon Garrity and some dude (Jeffrey C. Wells: just kidding!!!!!!!).

Met up with the Washtington Webcomics crew last night: Rob Balder (still erfing the world); Chris Impink (um gravitating the fragile... hmm ), Chris Flick (caping the babes? okay this nickname scheme isn't working out all that well) and just met Joe Zuniga who does the relatively new comic Made Up.

Friday Bits and Bytes

A few interesting news bytes this morning:

1) Webdesigner Depot spotlighted 40 comic strips for web designers, and PC Weenies is prominently featured. Woohoo! :)

2) Bob and Shari make their appearance over at Capes & Babes today, courtesy of cartoonist Chris Flick. Be sure to read the hilarious blog post after you read the comic.

Charity Begins at Home…

Charity Begins at Home…

This comic went through several revisions as well, not from a plot perspective - but from a staging perspective. If I recall correctly, Bob appears in today’s Capes & Babes comic, written and drawn by the mighty, mighty Chris Flick. Chris gave me the heads-up, and a sneak preview and I think you’re gonna dig it.

Found Links for Friday

Some webcomic stories floating on the 'tubes today:

Chris Flick explains how webcartoonists can use Twitter.  Twitter seems to be a decent tool for promotion but I think it has also is a background communication tool for many cartoonists who want the feel of a "virtual" bullpen despite working at home or alone.

Shaenon Garrity interviews Alexander Danner and Edward Grug about their new comic, Gingerbread Houses.

A two part interview with Tony Piro (part one, part two), creator of the webcomic, Calamities of Nature.

Tom Spurgeon has some details on the definitely-happening MOCCA Festival this coming summer.  Key though is that exhbition registration is going on now and will wrap up this month.

Strangely enough... "Randy Lugar" is my porn name

Who's that dashing, distinguished man doing a cameo in today's installment of Capes 'N' Babes? Big thanks to my pal Chris Flick for a very funny strip!

If you haven't checked out Chris' marvelous work, be sure to bookmark his site. He hits a number of comic-book and comic-book-culture themes that you're bound to get a charge out of. And his linework is pretty easy on the eyes, too, no?

Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I have to go register Bow-chicka-WOW-wow...