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Chris Jones

Captain Excelsior Debuts

The powers of CHRIS JONES and ZACH WEINER have been combined into one comic to rule them all: Captain Excelsior.

Porn To Be Wild!

There's Always Porn by Bob Sugar and Wiz Rollins (writer on Yirmumah & BadShape) enters week three of its refreshingly raunchy debut, offering new readers the opportunity to tune in and watch as three strangers discover their one true calling in life... webcasting the most bizarre amateur porn on the internets.

The Comixpedia End of 2006 Roundtable

Our second annual virtual round table on the year in webcomics features comments from Eric Millikin, Daku, Gilead Pellaeon, Mike Russell, Lewis Powell, Alexander Danner, Eric Burns, Michael Rouse-Deane, Johanna Draper Carlson and Gary Tyrrell.

Comic Strips Strip for Cancer Research

Tastefully Done is a 12 month calendar featuring nude versions of characters from up and coming webcomics by 15 different artists. It is now available for sale at and all proceeds go toward cancer research, specifically to Cancer Research UK - Britain's leading cancer charity, and part of the worldwide effort to find a cure for all forms of cancer.

Webcomics aren't just a visual experience anymore

Maybe not as groundbreaking as deal, but proof that webcomics can be more than just a visual experience - Grumps now has an official theme song.

I look at as a way to round out the whole experience of the comic, creating an auditory as well as a visual experience.

Chris Jones

Hello from Canada

Hello everyone. I'm new here and I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name's Chris and I live in Canada. I have a day job and I do a bit of freelance illustration when I can, and I also create a humour webcomic called Grumps.

Chris Jones


Dates The Word

Webcomics in Print is gathering together to get a collection of webcomic artists and writers birthdays in some secret project that should be unveiled later on. If you're interested email moovok(at)yahoo(dot)com or comment on this post below with your name, webcomic and your date of birth. Thank you for your time and remember dates the word!

UPDATE: You don't have to have your webcomic in print to send me the info, just as long as you have a webcomic (or used to)

D.J. Coffman Wins Comic Book Challenge

Pulse is reporting that D.J. Coffman is the winner.