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Chris Jones

Comix Talk for the Weekend

Let's Go To The Videogame Chuck: Comics based upon (and licensed from) videogames: The Sacrifice by Mike Oeming turns the premise of Left 4 Dead into a webcomic and Chris Avellone created Fallout: New Vegas—All Roads! -- a graphic novel prequel to the upcoming videogame Fallout: New Vegas.

INTERVIEW: Pop Syndicate interviews Gisele Lagace and Dave of the webcomic Menage a 3.

REBOOT:  Captain Excelsior gets renamed Captain Stupendous for the forthcoming print edition from creators Zach Weiner and Chris Jones.

REVIEW: Lauren Davis has a nice write-up of John Allison's Bad Machinery at the IO9 blog

HYPE: Caldwell Tanner combines history and Frank Miller perfectly in a parody over at College Humor! Very funny and I thought he nailed the garish energy of Miller's covers.

MAILBAG: Ian Terrell writes about his webcomic The Grumpiverse "that takes on the news of the day and week that makes us grumpy for one reason or another.  We consider it a webcomic, although to some it might fall more under the category of political cartooning."

Comix Talk for Monday, June 28, 2010

How I Made It To Eighteen by Tracy White

I wanted to hit this DC-area event with Mike RhodeAndrew Cohen, Evan Keeling (DC Conspiracy), Ben ClaassenShannon Gallant and Matt Wuerker, but during the World Cup: futbol first, comics second.  Check out Comic Girl's write-up of the panel and Mike Rhodes' comments here. I was also going to turn this site black for a couple of weeks to mourn Team America's loss to Ghana but that's probably taking it too far (plus, you know, it'd be more work!).

INTERVIEW:  The Washington Post has an interview with Tracy White on her new graphic novel memoir, How I Made It To Eighteen.

CODEPRESS:  In the land of webcomic mods of Wordpress, we've had updates from ComicPress and Webcomic/Inkblot recently, but not from stripShow.  I did see this recent announcement from MangaPress that it does work with Wordpress 3.0.  Those are the four main Wordpress-for-webcomic packages I'm aware of - but let me know if I'm overlooking a worthy alternative.




One More Post for the Road

A couple of things I wanted to post up - one of course being this weekend (October 3rd and 4th) is 24 Hour Comics Day.  On your mark, get set - go comic!  Also FLEEN has an interview with Howard Tayler about his recent keynote at the Comics Success Seminar.

And so long as I'm here -- a little JUSTIFY MY HYPE linkin'

  • Chris Jones is back with more adventures of that historical detective type - Byron Pinkleton
  • Kevin Churck and TJ Kirsch with mystery webcomic She Died In Terrebonne.
  • Virtual Shackles - do we need another video game webcomic?  No, but this one has had some funny ones in its short run.

News and Updates…


It’s a fairly generic title, but the long and short of it is that I’ve been busy. The first week of the new academic quarter started off with a bang last Monday, and I’ve been going full tilt with coursework prep for the past two weeks.

New Comic from Zach Weiner and Chris Jones and James Ashby

Snowflakes is a new comic with art by Jones and word-stuff by Weiner and Ashby.  I had meant to post about this earlier this week but I haven't had time for writing much this week.  Anyhow, the comic is pitched as a PG-rated affair and is set in an orphanage where we've met the current cast of orphans.  So far so good - I'm curious to see what PG-rated stuff these guys can come up with over time.

Bob "Grumps" Newhart?

Chris Jones' Grumps is over!  And it was just a foul-mouthed kids tv show?...

WhiskeySours by Chris Jones

Guest-comics week at PC Weenies!

Several talented webcartoonists have stepped in to help PC Weenies cartoonist Krishna Sadasivam this week. Bill Charbonneau (Voices in My Hand), Scott Gallatin (MadScott), Chris Jones (Grumps, Captain Excelsior), Scott Hallett (Cubicle Gangsters) and Mike (Beachnuts!) are among the heavy-hitters contributing guest-toons while Krishna recuperates from another weary move.

New Awesome Webcomics Rollcall!

There's some good older thread on new or underrated webcomics on the site but let's start a new one with recommendations for good stuff that started off this year - 2007.

The first one to mind I would pick is Ali Graham's new webcomic Afterstrife which I'm enjoying and I think is a step up from his first webcomic Housd.

In Search of a Correlation: Webcomics, Posting Schedules and Readership

What is it about Monday, Wednesday and Friday that make them the seemingly optimum publishing dates for webcomics?