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Christopher Hastings

Bailout Comics

Will the economy crater as Washington fiddles?  Will Wall Street bigshots get their bonuses?  Will there be any banks left standing by the end of the year?

Man that's serious... after yelling at your representatives for letting things get so bad we're in this mess we all need a laugh.  Post some links to comics on the crisis de jour.

Dr McNinja 3rd Anniversary

See you, Space Cowboy

Well, folks, it looks like it’s time to power down The Webcomic Overlook for a while. As some of you already know, in a short while, El Santo is getting hitched! So you’ll probably be calling me “Mr. El Santo” in the near future, I suppose. Also, the updates will probably slow to a trickle. It’s already been rather difficult to update this site lately, what with all the picking up relatives from the airport and wrapping up wedding favors and scheduling spa appointments and coordinating with the bridal party and such.

Webcomic Wire - 9/18/08

Drawn from sources all over the world…

Webcomics are serious business

Happy Labor Day

Time to wrap up the August issue and launch the September issue.  Happy Labor Day and good luck to those returning to school this week (or even if you're already there!).  Our cover art this month is from J.

Comic Con 2008: Making Friends


Where to start in bringing you a con report for Comic Con International? I can't break it down chronologically because there's just too much, and my memory is already merging the events into one. So, I decided to break it down among themes. Today: People I Met.

Most Subscribed Webcomics at Piperka

Piperka is a pretty cool webcomic list and bookmarking site -- I read 99% of my webcomics through it.  I'm not sure how many users Piperka has currently so take this list of the most subscribed comics there with a grain of salt:

  1. xkcd
  2. Questionable Content
  3. The Order of the Stick
  4. Penny Arcade
  5. The Perry Bible Fellowship
  6. Girl Genius
  7. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  8. VG Cats
  9. Sinfest
  10. Dresden Codak
  11. The Adventures of Dr McNinja
  12. Gunnerkrigg Court
  13. Something Positive
  14. PvP
  15. Megatokyo
  16. Looking For Group
  17. Erfworld
  18. Dinosaur Comics
  19. 8-Bit Theater
  20. minus.
  21. Sluggy Freelance
  22. Shortpacked!
  23. Inverloch
  24. Applegeeks
  25. Dominic Deegan

Webcomic Wire - 7/10/08

Drawn from sources that have a bur in their saddle…

Official Japanese Anime Ambassador Doraimon visits Thailand.
Audio of the Webcomics panel at Heroes Con with Nicholas Gurewitch, David Malki, Julia Wertz, Chris Harding, and Danielle Corsetto.
Revealed! The new and improved Belfry Webcomics Index.
Wizard interviews Chris Hastings of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and Phil Foglio [...]

ZZZZZZZZZZ... Webcomics... ZZZZZZZZ...

I gotta get some more sleep...

Digital Strips discusses all of the nominated comics for best webcomic for this year's Harvey awards.  (Last month the Digital Strips crew talked about the Eisner webcomic nominees.)

Wizard has two new interviews up: one with Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja and one with Phil Foglio of Girl Genius.

Bitstrips -- a web-based comics creation tool - announces some new features.