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Clint Hollingsworth

An Incomplete List of Webcomics in Print, Collated by Kelly J. Cooper

Many MANY of our webcomicking friends have published print versions of their work. I've tried to find, track down, and remember as many as possible. But given the thousands (tens of thousands?) of webcomics out there, this was a daunting task. If I missed your comic, I apologize profusely and profoundly. Please add it via a comment.

Give us links to Webcomics in Print!


We're putting together an article for June on what webcomics are in print.

If you know of any webcomics that have gone to print, post them here.

1. Name of Comic & URL
2. Creators (authors and artists)
3. Links to the books
4. Titles if you know them
5. Publisher if you know it

Kelly J. Cooper
Comixpedia Features Editor

May Day!!! Comixpedia Event for May Wrapped Up!

The final comics in the May Day event are up. The "connect the panels" format of this event was a lot of fun - I started late but managed to almost finish my entries on time. Congrats to everyone who submitted comics (and an extra congrats to Neil and G.L. Gillen who finished an entry every week).

A big thanks to all of the artists who submitted the panels: Steve Bryant (Athena Voltaire), Tim Demeter (Reckless Life), Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner (The Replacements), Faith Erin Hicks (Ice) and Clint Hollingsworth (Wandering Ones); and an extra big thanks to Matt Shepherd who coordinated this shindig and did a lot of work to make it all happen.

How About A Thursday Morning News Update?

So there's a little bit going on this morning. Read the extended entry for the news. This weekend will be the last installment of our January issue - we have another installment of Damonk's column along with reviews and interviews. Next month - "To The Infinite Canvas and Beyond" or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Long-Form Webcomic".

Recommended Romances: A Quickie Poll

"What's your favorite webcomics romance?"

T Campbell asked this question of many webcartoonists. The answers were revealing.

Catty or Chatty? CotC's Jamie Robertson talks with Al Schroeder

For over five years now in the Clan of the Cats, Jamie Robertson has been chronicling the adventures of a witch/were-panther in the person of Chelsea Chattan. He has also introduced two spin-offs, Mythos and Magic on Graphic Smash and Melpomene on Keenspot Premium. In this interview with Al Schroeder, Robertson talks about his comic, chivalry, and his gaggle of cats.

Cheesecake Chelsea may also be invoked.

Keenspot's First Premium Comic Concludes

Keenspot's first Premium Comic, Melepomene: The Chaos Orb concluded this weekend. A spin-off to Clan of the Cats, Mel tells the story of a supernatural assassin on a mission to save her sister. Written by COTC creator Jamie Robertson and illustrated by the talent behind The Wandering Ones, Clint Hollingsworth, Melpomene was the first comic story offered on Keenspot's Premium subscription service.

Wizards, werewolves, and werecats populate this tale of magic and treachery in an action-oriented story line where the full force of the Chattan curse comes to fruition. A powerful wizard kidnaps Chelsea Chattan, the star of COTC, and only her sister, Melpomene, can save her.

"I want to thank Clint for his talent, loyalty, and sacrifice in bringing this character to life. He took a character I designed and made it his own. For such a gift, I cannot thank him enough," said COTC creator Jamie Robertson.

The History of Online Comics by T Campbell (Part 6)

The Business of Free

The early months of Keenspot were a revelation for all involved. Finally, webcomic hosting by webcomickers! The mood was giddy with optimism.

"It was great," remembers David Willis, as if the memory stuns him all over again. "When I would email the group, I would get a response. I wasn't used to getting a response. Following the response would be an appropriate action if needed to help solve or eradicate the problem reported. They done fixed [my domain name problems], and started sending checks."

Spectacular Cluelessness from Chicago Sun Times

In the Chicago Sun Times, Andy Ihnatko writes an article comparing TIVO to a few shareware programs that grab webcomics from their sites and load the images alone in the shareware viewer. Better lawyers have debated the legality of such programs because of the fact that they essentially use copyrighted materials in ways which the creator has not granted permission but Ihnatko doesn't mention that at all. To the contrary he encourages his readers to use these programs no matter the financial harm that might be caused to the creators:

The only downside to all these apps is the fact that as Internet "scrapers," they divorce the strips from their original Web pages, including the ads that make their distribution possible. But just like dropping LSD in the '60s, you're free to enjoy these apps in the time we have before we understand the true cost to society and the gummint makes them illegal.

One of the programs mentioned by Ihnatko is Comictastic a program for which Spiny Software is charging $15.00 a pop. Right on Spiny's homepage for this program is a picture of its program ripping a Wigu image. Paging Jeffrey Rowland!

What T Campbell is Reading

T Campbell is editor of Graphic Smash, writer of Fans, Rip & Teri and more than a couple of Comixpedia articles, and a slave to trends. What's he reading?

"In webcomics, I'm currently working my way through the Modern Tales lineup in alphabetical order. Most of them I read all the way through, though a few of them just don't interest me at all. Just got through No Stereotypes. I also regularly read a few standbys: Sluggy Freelance, PVP, CRFH, GPF, It's Walky, Clan of the Cats, Gaming Guardians. And of course, everything on Graphic Smash.

"In printed comics, I'm sticking with Strangers in Paradise for a little while longer at least, now that Terry's finally getting around to some of the stories I wanted him to write three years ago. Mark Waid just 0wn0rs Fantastic Four. The fanboy in me craves it, along with JLA/Avengers and a lot of Brian Michael Bendis' work.

"Textwise, I just got through Chris Sherman's The Invisible Web and a book of Harlan Ellison short stories, and I'm reading a whole lotta blogs, 'cause all the cool people are writing them these days. Only half kidding: they have a perspective that I miss from my college years.

"What's next? I want to finish off Preacher (yes, I know the series wrapped years ago) and pick up Cory Doctorow's new collection... I've read a couple of his short stories and he's an author to watch. Webcomics-wise, I'll keep working my way down the alphabet with Modern Tales, then start on one of the other collectives... probably Keenspot or Girlamatic.

"Yeah, I'm serious, I really do read all this stuff. Scary, huh?"