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D.J. Coffman

August 2006 Cover Art by D.J. Coffman

Cover Art by D.J. Coffman

Cover Art by D.J. Coffman

Vampires Are Racist

Matt Melvin, one fourth of the team behind the webcomic Cyanide and Happiness has written a book titled .  It's full of illustration from Melvin and DJ Coffman, but basically it's a text book.  Which is kind of out the usual bailiwick of ComixTalk.  (Is there a TextTalk?)  Still we got a free copy of the book for review purposes and there is a pretty strong connection to webcomics so...

DJ Coffman on Ending Yirmumah and Artistic Ambition

Long post from long time webcomics creator DJ Coffman about ending his webcomic Yirmumah and focusing himself on new projects.  DJ Coffman has always been fairly controversial with a lot of folks, but he's also been consistently active with a number of titles published on the web such as Yirmumah and Hero By Night, and he's been involved in a number of different approaches to trying to makea a living out of comics.  It'll be interesting to see where he goes next.

Longbox Digital Comics, Life after Diamond and the new Whiteout Trailer

The weeks keep getting hotter and crazier.

A huge thanks goes out to Richard Caldwell and for the interview that they did with me. Richard I have fun on twitter and I enjoyed trading emails back and forth with him for the past few weeks.


In this Post! D.J Coffman, Jon Rosenberg, Jason Little, Amy Pearson and Matt Madden

Shaping up to be an interesting week in comics:

Jason Little's Motel Art Improvement Service wrapped up today.  It was a very well done sequel to the first Bee story.  The somewhat sudden ending is still surprising to me but the middle three panels of the last installment are masterfully done.

D.J. Coffman writes about warning signs that Diamond may be in trouble and speculates on it's implications for the future of the direct market for comic books.

Johnanna Carlson writes a negative review of Jon Rosenberg's new Goats book and then the two of them exchange polite remarks in the comments.  Always nice to see a little civility on the Internets.  I haven't read the book so I can't offer a contrasting view I'd like to offer up a quote from Carlson's review that was meant critcally, but that I think is actually a pretty good way of describing Goats positively:

The point seems to be the dialogue more than the events. The characters talk a lot. The art is serviceable but not particularly attractive, and it’s often pretty static

That's always been the case with Goats - even more recently when the comic has had actual plot and science fiction trappings.  Rosenberg is the Kevin Smith of webcartoonists.

An interview with Amy Pearson of the comic Mathema which started off on Zuda but now appears on Pearson's own site.

Matt Madden recently offered up an exercise in comic improvisation you might want to take a crack at.

Bevery Hills Webcomic II: Botox In Da Haus

A Distant Soil blog has a list of literary agents accepting graphic novel representation. (h/t Journalista!)

Talking about Webcomics Idol 2008, Gary says Brad Guigar is Simon.  I'm guessing D.J. Coffman, who usually doesn't worry about telling people what he thinks, has an equal claim to that seat  Maybe with a few more "dawgs" Brad can take the Randy role.  I guess that makes me Paula?  Bomb Shelter encouraged us to throw up some initial critiques -- I was sweating a cold+ all weekend so I'm hoping to throw some more constructive feedback up there as the contest goes on.  Brad and D.J. are successful practicing cartoonists.  I'm not, of course.  So I won't be trying to break down craft, but trying to offer impressions as a reader and perhaps observations based on webcomcs as a whole.  We'll see what I come up with!

Eric Millikin is part of a big scary art show in Detroit on October 30th called Damned.

Jennifer Contino has an interview with Sam Costello of the webcomic Split Lip.

Tomorrow a new webcomic Werewif debuts.

Graham Annable has a Halloween cartoon for your enjoyment.

Not comics, but Entertainment Weekly has a list of the 20 Scariest Movies of all time.

A Tip O' The Hat For the Last Game At Webcomic Stadium

Welcome to ComixTalk... may I take your order?  I've got an interview with the elusive Pokey the Penguin up and Brigid Alverson talks with Jeremy Ross of TokyoPop about its Manga Pilots program.   You may also want to check out my weekend post chock-filled with links to interesting stories and a new comic worth checking out.  (What exactly is a "chock" and how would you fill it?)

Missed this, but Creative Commons has an interview with Mr. Diesel Sweeties, Rich Stevens.  Back in 2005, ComixTalk held a roundtable on creative commons licenses and comics with T Campbell, Lawrence Lessig, Neeru Paharia, Mia Garlick, JD Frazer, and Cory Doctorow.

ComixMix has an interview with D.J. Coffman, currently working on Flobots. (Folks should also check out D.J.'s very recent post on hosting your webcomic yourself - a short guide to getting started online independently.)

Digital Strips has a short interview with Zach Weiner - of SMBC and Captain Excelsior infamey.

Rick Marshall had a great interview with Jennie Breeden of Devil's Panties.

Gaming Angel has an interview with Randall Munroe of xkcd and Benjamin Birdie and Kevin Church of The Rack (h/t Journalista!)

LA TIMES interviews Josh Neufeld on his webcomic A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.

Tom Spurgeon had a great interview with Scott McCloud on the new collection of his ZOT! comic.

CBR had a two-part interview with Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak - click for part one and part two.

REVIEWS has a review of Chasing the Sunset.

David Rothman looks at the decline in traffic to but as Dirk Deppey notes, Wowio was essentially off the air for a good chunk of the summer.

I neglected to mention Andrew Wahl won first and third place in the International Cartoon contest at the Homer Davenport Days festival in Oregon earlier this month.  Wahl is a talented cartoonist - check out more of his work here.  Also, I just think it's cool that a town has an entire festival to celebrate Homer Davenport - an internationally respected and pioneering political cartoonist from the turn of the century.

Two East Coast events coming up fast.  First this coming weekend is the Baltimore Comicon (with, as FLEEN notes, the only East Coast appearance of all four How To Make Webcomics authors) The Baltimore Comicon is where the Harvey Awards are presented - Shaenon Garrity has the scoop on a contest to win tickets to the Harvey Awards

Next from October 4-5th is my hometown (close enough anyhow) convention, the Small Press Expo (SPX) over in Bethesda, Maryland.  The Ignatz Awards are presented at SPX.  Guests include Bryan Lee O’Malley, James Kochalka, Richard Thompson, Tom Tomorrow, etc!

Dirk Deppey links to this pretty cool idea -- The Superest wherein Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter take turns creating superheroes and villains that defeat each other’s creations.  And Tom Spurgeon links to news of a book deal for the site.


Dirk Deppey catches all the Platinum news this morning.  Deppey describes a now-deleted post on the Investors Hub website (here's the Platinum discussion forum there if you're interested) by Platinum COO Brian Altounian that was a pretty inflamatory comment on Platinum's "relationship" with creator D.J. Coffman.  Coffman responded here and later here.

Deppey also links to a Publisher's Weekly story that focuses in on how book publishers are still happy with the new WOWIO site whereas comic publisher are not.  I think that actually speaks volumes to where the two types of publishers are in terms of adapting to the web and incorporating new media into their publishing strategies.

UPDATE: FLEEN gets an anonymous tip that WOWIO still doesn't know when it will get around to writing checks to publishers to pay them what it owes them.

Don't Go Back to Cuba: Weekend News Update

A shout-out to the conclusion of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge which was an amazing webcomic - telling the story of several different people in the midst of the impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans.  There will be a book next year from Pantheon Books.  Congrats to creator Josh Neufeld - this is one of the best works of the year so far and I hope everyone has given it a read.

D.J.Coffman is working on a (politically-minded band) Flobots-inspired comic called Rise of the Flobots: Architects of Change.  Simil;ar Coffman art but definitely a different vibe for him than previous work.

Desmond Seah's webcomic Bigger Than Cheeses is often pretty funny.  Lately though he's spent an inordinate amount of time mocking a particular scene and storyline from Tim Buckley's Ctrl-Alt-Del.  I don't think there's much of a legal problem using the one bit of art from C-A-D in Seah's comic (perhaps a taste problem but I'm not going there...), but when you do it over and over and over and over again... I don't know what my point is, but it's beginning to feel like an Andy Kaufman sketch or something.

Why not give Ellis his own category - he gives me a reason to write about him enough.  I forgot to mention this bit on Freak Angels from last month:

When we started FREAKANGELS, some webcomickers were heard to say “weekly webcomics suck.” Like there was only one way to do a webcomic, and that the daily newspaper strip was somehow inherently superior to six-pages-a-week. Even now, I’m not seeing a lot of weekly webcomics. If you know of any, stop by and tell me about them. Hell, maybe we could generate a weekly programme guide out of them.

Weekly comics don’t suck. You can read them anytime. You can wait for weeks and read several episodes at once. But it’s nice, I think, to have landmarks in the week. Friday is FREAKANGELS day. You don’t have to be there at 12noon UK time when Chief Mechanic Ariana pushes it live. But it turns out that tens of thousands of people like coming over here on the day a new episode goes live. FREAKANGELS Friday. And I like doing that for people.

Weekly webcomics are great when they give you a satisfying chunk of an update like Freak Angels' six pages does.  Update no more often then you can keep up with and design your update "chunk" plus frequency to both ensure you can keep up with the schedule but also so that you can break up your story into satisfying chunks.

Platinum Pays DJ Coffman

DJ Coffman blogs again about his ongoing issues with Platinum over the Hero By Night comic.  Coffman states that he's now paid in full and that Platinum has terminated his consultant contract with them.  Final results?  Coffman paid what he's owed; Platinum boxing up Hero By Night like the Ark of the Covenant.  Platinum owns the copyright on it so it can do what it wants, including never doing anything with it again.