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Eric Burns

No John Barber Wikipedia Entry?

Work on the forthcoming Comipedia webcomics directory is rolling along. I just discovered tonight, however, that former Comixpedia contributor and all-around webcomics genius John Barber does not have a wikipedia entry.

If anyone can fix this please post an entry for Mr. Barber at the wikipedia and at our own Webcomics Encyclopedia. Barber's entry should go here.

No Daniel "Merlin" Goodbrey entry either! Aspiring fans and scholars put that one here.

UPDATE: As it happens, Eric Burns was snarking about non-experts' campaign of deletion on webcomics in the wikipedia this morning.

UPDATE #2: C'mon on! No Lea Hernandez entry? I threw up a stub on the Webcomics Encyclopedia but you could write pages about Ms. Hernandez.

UPDATE #3: A thread at Digital Strips has an apparent reply from the main non-expert nominating webcomics for deletion. I also had the impression, like T Campbell, that Wikipedia was more akin to a HHGTG than a much more selective, limited document. More troubling to me, however, is that this whole episode brings into stark relief the issue of generalists versus specialists that often plagues such projects. This is a particularly egregious example of (at best) a generalist making decisions without sufficient input from specialists (people who actually have any knowledge about webcomics). Not saying people can't talk about things they aren't expert on. but they sure as hell ought to at least listen to the experts a little.

Tuesday News Wrapped Up in a Bow

Don't forget to check out week 2 of the magazine! And now today's news:

Eric Burns announces that Greg Holkan will be leaving Gossamer Commons and he's looking for a second artist to carry on that webcomic. Holkan will continue working on his webcomic, [nemesis].

"Alien Loves Predator Versus Memento" today. Clever. Caro loves coffee. Perhaps a little too much.

The S*P fan-made movie is now available through Google video. (thanks Phil!)

The Watchmen was included on Time Magazine's list of the 100 best novels. Tom Spurgeon makes the excellent point that no one had to justify including this graphic novel on the list.

New Issue of The Webcomics Examiner

A new issue of The Webcomics Examiner is out.

Monday News Updates

Penny Arcade invades MIT. The Living Comic has a nice write-up of the event.

Eric Burns comments on Phil Foglio's Girl Genius. If you'll recall Foglio moved it to the web just this spring.

Digital Strips talks with Brad Guigar about the recent Webcomics Telethon in this week's podcast.

Tom Spurgeon visits the now operating Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.

Spurgeon also points to this post from the Litwack blog about harnessing file-sharing in comic scans. At this point I haven't seen a comprehensive survey of how many comics people are reading through downloading or sharing via the web but given all of the tools that exist for it, I'd be surprised if it was not as significant a level in relationship to official printed product as music downloads are to official music products.

Feeding Snarky by Eric Burns

It's back to school time, which has me hopping around like a bunny on crystal meth. I work at a school, so had many, many long days behind me. For most of the rest of the world, however, August is a time of bittersweetness. Even folks who don't operate on an academic schedule any more know that summer is waning, and autumn is coming, and it's time once more to prepare ourselves for a slide into winter.

Embrace The Wikiness!

The Webcomic Wiki project grows and grows. I just hope I don't hold anyone up too much. I just got finished reading a ton of the site, especially the discussions about the site itself. I posted a few notes on the front of (I promise not to do that again, at least not much) but mostly I just have to identify more moderators for it. If you've been working on the project a lot and want to be a moderator email me with the name you been using over at

Also saw this quote - which cracked me up:

WebcomicWiki is a wiki about webcomics hosted by Comixpedia. Eric Burns proposed the idea after his attempt to take over Wikipedia failed (I kid, I kid). I did put it in as an external link at Wikipedia:Webcomic and a couple other related articles, though. Nifboy 02:09, 13 Sep 2005 (EDT)

Years from now that's probably how we'll remember this!

Katrina Help Roundup

Don't forget to check out the growing archive of webcomics at the Webcomics Telethon. Eric Burns also notes some cool entries are showing up at the Adult Webcomics Telethon (The Adult telethon is most likely NSFW). Donate at either!

I also saw that Shaenon Garriry is selling off original Narbonic strips for $20.00 each and that she will donate to the Red Cross for Katrina victims. People, jump on that! If not for the charity do it for the investment value. Those strips are already worth more than $20.00 each.

Comixpedia Wiki for Webcomics

Eric Burns had a post about the limits of using the for webcomics. I think this is a good idea and one that I can get rolling on Comixpedia early next week. I still think wikipedia is a great thing and it's nice to get webcomics-related entries in there. Still a webcomics-specific wiki would not have to have any restrictions on "importance" or "popularity" that the wikipedia does. So I think this new effort can co-exist well with the wikipedia.

If you're interested in this project let me know - I'm going to set up some kind of list (probably email) so that anyone who wants to help can jump in to it.

Also this thing is going to need a name and a logo! Submit either or below in a comment.

Webcomics Updates

Can someone help me with the details on the KomiKazen International Festival of Reality Comic Strips? I don't read Italian but this seems pretty cool. It takes place from September 30 to November 2nd.

I didn't see as many webcomics comment on Pat Robertson's foreign policy pronouncement as I might have expected. Luckily Dangerpest steps up to the plate.

Bob Stevenson writes a bit in his blog about his decision to leave More Fun. (Stevenson did some great work on this series, written of course, by Shaenon Garrity. This episode in particular, I just love the way Stevenson has the hero sit on top of the panel at a couple points.)

It happened while I was on vacation and so is a bit overdue, but congrats to both Ping Teo and Eric Burns for the one year anniversary of their respective blogs, Webcomic Finds and Websnark.

And now for a completely random moment of superhero-related humor: two webpages on the 1979 Saturday Night Live skit about a party at the Flash's house. (link from memepool)

And lot's of sites linked to this one: Betty Boop is the newest Hooters employee. Submitted without comment...

Feeding Snarky by Eric Burns

So here's the thing. I like porn.

I don't talk a lot about liking porn, because you're not supposed to come right out and say it. "Man, what a beautiful morning," you never say. "I think I'll have a cup of tea, and maybe go down to the market, and when I get back I'm going to enjoy the bounties of porn that are my birthright as an internet consumer." People would look at you funny if you did, and your boss would stop letting you have complimentary coffee and donuts in the morning.

But I do like it. And most of you probably do too. We might not be cheerful about it - we might not march into gas stations with our head held high, grabbing the latest magazines off the rack and marching right up to the gas station attendant to make our purchases (that might be the one situation in life where you are that concerned about what a gas station attendant thinks of you) - but we do like it.

Which leads us inexorably to porn comics, which I don't often talk about either.