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Faith Erin Hicks

Ice update

Ice is updated with five new pages in which Hunter wakes up someplace strange and Sex Pistol lyrics cameo. Five new pages seem like a lot, but I haven't had time to work on the comic since, oh, April. So yeah, enjoy. I've pencilled out a handful more pages, and I'd really like to try and get as many done as possible before plunging back into fulltime deadtree comic making, but we'll see ... But I hope you like the pages that I've done. I always love comments, y'know... :D

Somebody stop me drawing comics before I hurt myself

I finished drawing The Fielding Course last Friday, and handed it in to First Second on Monday. Yay! Now I'm taking a week off to catch up on all the sleep I missed before diving back into revisions and other comic-related stuff. So with TFC done, that makes three graphic novels I've drawn in three years, in increasingly smaller time frames and fewer distractions from a day job. When I was working on Zombies Calling (2007), I drew 100 pages in nine months, while working a (more than) fulltime job in animation.


So last weekend was the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and I was there. I tend to make myself pretty sick at conventions, either through not eating or not sleeping or whatever, so I was all impressed with myself that I managed to make it through this convention realitively unscathed ... until I had an allergic reaction to something on Sunday morning, and by late Monday my left eye had swelled up to enormous proportions. GROSS! Wanna see? Fortunately some drugs have helped things, but I've never had that happen before, so it was freaky.

Bring Me The Webcomic of Alfredo Garcia

Happy Birthday Box Brown!

Faith Erin Hicks of Ice and The War At Ellsmere!
Gina Biggs of Red String!
Art Spiegelman of Maus!

Both Brigid Alverson and Brian Alvey have posts about the new larger size (but still no support for color) Kindle DX.

Dead Trees
Jon Rosenberg's book, Goats: Infinite Typewriters, is available for pre-order.  It come out June 23rd.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 9-10)

Just a note to say that if you didn't already know, I'll have half a table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend (May 9-10), so if you're in the Toronto area that time, come by and see the show. It's free, which is incredible for the kind of cartoonists you'll find there, so you don't have any excuse not to come!

Ice update

Yay, Ice is updated with four new pages. And with those four pages comes two milestones: Ice is now 200 pages long (wow, never thought I'd make that, what with all the distractions in my life) and we are FINALLY DONE with this particular scene. On to new settings and situations, hurrah!

Too bad everything seems so ... well, bad. Here's hoping everyone survives. Or doesn't.

Ice Update

Ice is updated with three new pages. Yayyy.

Update contains: Hunter giving up, "whump" sound effects and possible snipers. It's just one thing after another isn't it? These updates seem to be moving a lot slower than I was hoping, and I've yet to actually get an 'every two weeks' schedule under my belt, but at least there's something there. I feel less guilty, which is a good thing.


Ice is updated! A whole three pages. But let's now dwell on how long it took me to draw those three pages, and instead marvel in the fact that I've now updated it more than I did last year. Yay. In your face, New Year's Resolution. Anyway, general bleeding, arguing and possible song lyrics quotage occurs. Enjoy. Hopefully I will have another update in two weeks. We'll see.

Short cuts

War at Ellsmere stuff: Not only is it on the ALA's Great Graphic Novels for Teens master list, but it also got a couple of great reviews from respectable reviewer types (apparently this is better than someone wearing a sandwich board screaming on the street corner, or so I'm told

Ice Update + end of this LJ

A couple of things to announce. First of all:

OH MY GOD ICE IS UPDATED!! ... nearly a year after the last update ... dear lord. I apologize for that. But I was ... uh, busy and kidnapped by aliens and stuff. And after all that time, only five new pages ... but whatever! An update! Hurrah! ... another cliffhanger!