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Frank Cammuso

A Rock and Rolling Update About Webcomics and Stuff

SKIP THE BORING SITE NEWS IF YOU WANT:  My work to fix my hosting and design and angst issues continues apace (well not the angst issues) and I'll be trying out another host for ComixTalk starting sometime this week (just need a block of time to do the move).  The two other things I'm angsting about are (1) new design/functionality decisions and (2) whether to switch from Drupal to Wordpress.  

MILESTONES: Happy Birthday to my littlest's x-girls current favorite cartoonist Frank Cammuso.  She's a big fan of the two Knights of the Lunch Table books.  She has a couple of signed sketches from him as well.

NOT COMICS: Did you know they had a Terry Pratchett convention in Arizona last year?  They're currently trying to figure out what city to hold the next one in.  I'd go to that -- I just got through a year of reading the Discworld series.

Frank Cammuso

Great Kids Comic: Knights of the Lunch Table

The Dragon Players, the second book in Frank Cammuso's Knights of the Lunch Table series is scheduled for release this September.  I got a chance to review a preview copy this month and it's a great sequel to the first book, The Dodgeball Chronicles.  The version I got to read had a great color cover and a few pages in color (but the rest in black and white).  The released version will be all in color and based on the color I saw, it will certainly be another bang-up job from Scholastic's GRAPHIX imprint. 

Knights of the Lunch Table: The Dragon Players by Frank Cammuso

Webcomic Side Story

Hey have a great weekend everyone!  If you want to keep up with even smaller-sized updates from me subscribe to my twitter feed.
Scott McCloud posted a short bit about the "default" shape of comics - in response to the single-sheet-of-paper-like dimensions of the new Kindle DX.  Interesting 50+ comment thread ensues.  Grab a cup of coffee first...
I'm not sure this is THAT interesting -- a publisher called PictureBox put out a press release that they'll be giving a deluxe package to people who pre-order their two new graphic novels.  It's not clear that PictureBox is relying on the pre-orders in order to raise the funds to print the books, but it seems likely from the way the press release is phrased.  This seems like a fairly common strategy for indy web-oriented creators these days, especially as a means to gauge actual fan support for print versions of webcomics.
Daryl Cagle writes about his decision to add support for embedding into his political cartoon syndication site.  Let me just suggest given the very nature of the Internet that everything is embeddable (legality aside for a sec) and everyone really needs to ask themselves how to deal with it.  A long time ago, I (and a lot of other practicing cartoonists), probably fell on the side of keeping the comics on the website created for them, but nowadays I think I would want my work to appear wherever it could.
I really wish I was going to the Toronto comics convention this weekend (TCAF) -- it has a fantastic lineup of artists.  Journalista! links to a bunch of 'em: Ross Campbell, Diana Tamblyn, Chip Zdarsky, Jason Thompson, Ramon Perez, Valerie Sury, Eric Wight, Frank Cammuso, Zen Rankin, Michael J. Hind, Dustin Harbin, Joe Bluhm, Jason Turner, Jim Zubkavich, Rina Piccolo...
Nerd Girl does not like Tim Buckley or his webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del.  Don't get her started!

SPX 2008

Back home from SPX and had to take the day off to recover. I spent the last few hours of the show having my worst allergy attack in years and trying not to sneeze on everyone. I apologize to anyone I may have blown off, or on! I'm starting to think there's something in the Maryland trees or environment that really sets me off because as my friend Matt pointed out, this wasn't exactly the first time I got sick at SPX. Which is really frustrating because it really is one my favorite cons, and sickness aside, it felt like a really good year for the show.

Small Press Expo

It's almost time...for SPX!!

Saturday and Sunday, October 4th and 5th, you can find me and the Comics Bakery at the Marriott Bethesda North Conference Center, in lovely Bethesda, Maryland. We'll be stationed at Table G15-16, which happens to be right by the ballroom entrance. Same spot we had last year!

Keeping busy

Believe it or not, I do leave the house every now and then. But only if it has to do with comics!
Here's a list of stuff I'll be at in the next few weeks:

MARCH 15th
SPLAT! A Graphic Novel Symposium
at the New York Center of Independent Publishing (NYCIP)

I'll be participating on this panel:

Comics: For Kids, Too
2:15PM - 3:30PM